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  1. Is the gemstone more important than the spren type, and if so does the spren type have any influence over the fabrial's function? I've always thought that it mattered a lot what kind of spren you used but I was doing research and I can't find anything on spren types affecting a fabrial's function in any way If anyone has a better article I could read, or a quote from the book to clarify, that would be wonderful. (Sorry if this was hard to read lol)
  2. [double post glitch]
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  4. I'm bad at these, but I'm commenting to turn on notifications for this thread... these are all amazing WOW
  5. World's End Valentine from OMORI at the moment.
  6. UNDERTALE, my 19th neutral run. I'm trying to get all endings Celeste A Short Hike Chicory: A Colorful Tale Minecraft Portal 2 Subnautica: Below Zero And a lot more, but those are my current mains...
  7. Everyone is talking about this already, but the Stormfather is super off... AND in addition, someone asked Sanderson about that later and his answer was in a dead serious tone, "What? What do you mean? The stormfather's ALWAYS like that"
  8. I think it would slow them down slightly, but there are other factors like atmostphere that will actually make more of a difference. It would happen but it would be slight. And you could just layer the lashings differently if you wanted to make more or less of a speed difference
  9. Hi!

    I've seen it spelled both ways and Rlainarin is what I remember better- although it's probably wrong.
  10. Huh, I haven't thought about that... When I saw the post title I was al ready to give a speech about gaseous investiture and healing but that's not what you're asking I think that depends on a few things. I've always seen the shardblade wounds as not being missing parts of the spirit exactly, more like corpse parts still attached... so like, not a human spirit anymore, the spirit of an object fused with the human spirit. IF that idea is correct, then yes you would be able to although it would not be the best way of doing it. Otherwise, I frankly have no idea. I'll think on this.
  11. Part of what I love about the Cosmere is the community- it's inclusive, supportive, welcoming, educating... It's very much about finding the truth together and studying science together, and I love that.
  12. Oooh, song writing prompt? I like to do this sort of crem
  13. When you see an odd bird that comes out when you wear jewelry outside and call it a jewelspren Also, when you cut spicy food out of your diet and cover up your safehand for modesty (I did this for months lol) Also, when you spend 15 hours researching the physics of gaseous investiture only to realize the question you were trying to answer was covered in a WOB back in 2015(PAIN)
  14. Well, it depends on a few things but... My reccomended order is this: Mistborn era 1 Secret History Reread era one with added context if you like (I did and it was even better the seccond time) Warbreaker The Way Of Kings and Words Of Radiance Short cosmere story of some kind, you choose Mistborn era 2 Oathbringer and Rhythm of War
  15. Yes, definitely! I love the skyward series, the Alcatraz series, and I've read some of his other work... Although I primarily focus on the Cosmere, I do read and like everything