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  1. thanks for welcomes and does anyone know of a brandon sanderson discord to join? if i can get an invite plos thanks
  2. I would suggest, Mistborn era 1, alloy of law, shadows of self, bands of mourning, secret history, lost metal. Now I probs would maybe recommend reading a little of stormlight before the lost metal due to the lost metal being the first book to properly include cross cosmere content. Reading Stormlight will give more insight and can allow you to understand references better. But the stormlight books are hella long. Would recommend just TWOK.
  3. Hello. Just joined this forum, although known about it for a little while. I usually browse the reddit for news etc, but would like to go back to some good old forum format. I'm 23 born and raised in Scotland. I got into reading during summer 2021 when I wanted to purchase an old children's book series about zombies in the UK that I remembered from my childhood. Next thing I know, ive read roughly over 30 books. I take my time and read, usually, in short spurts. Some of my favourite books so far; ready player one, project hail mary, dan brown series, leviathan wakes harry potter and more. Fun fact, I suprisingly hated the fellowship of the ring. It was filled to the brim of, in my opinion, boring world building. I forced myself to try and finish it, which is why i feel so strongly about it. Ok so I don't remember exactly how I got into Sanderson books. I bought The Final Empire thought it was great, but not too great. As I was finishing the book i bought the next two. Loved TWOA even more. Ive now read the 3 WAW books while currently reading the 4th. I've read the behemoth TWOK and WOR and half way though oatbringer. Stormlight is such a challenge for me, because I like books with less pages so more focused on plot rather than world building. But damn. TWOK although had rough moments to read, was just incredible story telling. And let me tell ya, the WOR was even better. You know the moments in that book. I've invested in the 4 new secret projects, costing me double for shipping. Invested in the figure kick starter. Purchased the cytonic and the lost metal on launch. Yeah, the cosmere has kind of changed my life. anyways going to have a look through and post. Warning, i might have spicy opinions. Enough talking about myself Hi everyone