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  1. Am I the only who one hates Veil, but loves Shallan? Veil is just so self righteous and annoying.
  2. I actually haven’t read Arcanum Unbounded yet. I’m waiting until I finish Mistborn Era one and get caught up on Stormlight before reading it.
  3. Thanks everybody! This is actually the first time I've ever interacted on a public fan forum like this. Despite growing up in the Tumblr age, I never had a Tumblr, or a Twitter, or anything of the sort. I was a little bit nervous, but you guys have all been so kind!
  4. I’m about a third of the way into the first one! I’ve heard some people say that the books really slow down around number 7? But usually when people tell me that books get really slow, those end up being my favorite books, so I don’t know! I figured they would help keep me occupied until Stormlight 5 is released. I purposefully slowed down on my reading of the Cosmere so that I didn’t run out of material before the 5th stormlight book. Thanks heavens for the secret projects this year!
  5. Oh, I insisted that Brandon Sanderson was overrated because he was so popular. I’m not sure why— I do have a degree in literary studies, but I’ve never been an elitist about literature, like some of my colleagues. I think it was really because the size of the books were daunting to me, but rather than admit that, I just decided to claim that Brandon was overrated. Though I’ve read my share of Russian authors and other hefty classics, so I’m not sure why I was so put off by Stormlight. Luckily, I’ve since seen the light! I would love to burn Tin. As a special ed teacher, I think it would be very helpful to have extra sensitive senses so I can tell what all of my students are up to at any given time! What about you?
  6. Hey all! I teach severe/profound disabilities on a high school level, meaning most of my students are non speaking. They chose to read Tress of the Emerald Sea for our next class read aloud book, and I was just wondering if anyone has suggestions for activities/discussion questions/art projects/science experiments to go along with the book! Don’t be afraid to suggest something just because it may not seem like it would work Special Ed- we’re really good at adapting lessons and activities for our kids! Thanks all!
  7. My mistake! I was thinking about specifying that I was on the third book, rather than just saying I was almost finished, and those thoughts obviously got a little mixed up
  8. My mistake! I was thinking about specifying that I was on the third book, rather than just saying I was almost finished, and those thoughts obviously got a little mixed up!
  9. I swore for years that I’d never be a Brandon Sanderson fan, despite having never read anything other than Steelheart, and yet… here I am. Started reading Way of Kings in a line at Disney World in summer of 2021, and now I’m hopelessly obsessed. Almost finished with Mistborn Era 3, finished Tress of the Emerald Sea, currently have one of BYU’s copies of Dragonsteel, halfway through Oathbringer, and have White Sand (Prose), Way of Kings Prime, Warbreaker, Aether of Night, and Mistborn Era 2 on deck. I also started reading Wheel of Time, just so I can read the last three. Although the first one is excellent— Robert Jordan is a great author. Unfortunately, none of my friends or family have read the books, so… I’ve got no one to discuss them with!