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  1. Hahaha This is so true the little ones ALWAYS win the arguments even when they have absolutely no reason to be arguing. It is so unfair. Like WHY?
  2. Oh, thank you for the warning
  3. Very true
  4. Someone asks if I can play piano. Me: "no" *me also starts playing rapid fire rush e*
  6. Yes. Yes. Yes
  7. I usually say kotolk or kotlik
  8. I wonder if we will see more things like them in the cosmere and if we will get a term for them other than elantrian
  9. Very good points.
  10. Yes definitely *sarcastic eye roll with smirk*
  11. I like either alternative (imagine dragons) or p electronic pop(Alan walker)
  12. I'm imagining making my hands have so much friction the climbing up a wall and then screaming at lopen down below "can ya beat that?"
  13. Edgedancer powers are the best! The combination is awesome.
  14. Thanks for joining. Go Edgedancers!
  15. Thanks for joining. Go Edgedancers!