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  1. Hi!

    'Tis a great thread
  2. *Hugs* I actually had something like that also happen recently. It's hard. I'm glad that we are people you considered good enough friends that you could talk to about this. (Even though I'm fairly new) I really hope things get better for you. Until then, here's some more hugs. *sends more virtual hugs*
  3. Thank you, I can't quite get realistic, so I just go for a cartoonish style. It's nice to know I hit that mark
  4. Nice and thought provoking. Awesome job
  5. Yeah...anxiety kind of sucks sometimes TPBM has broken a bone
  6. Threnody
  7. No, that's the capital of the Alien lizard people country, Australia is the capital of Norway. Water is made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom
  8. What sound do atomic ducks make? I disagree, ants are very powerful diplomats
  9. We need ALL the depressing poems
  10. Here's one I did of Elend. The pencil is kind of smudged into his face, but it's fine. I hope you like it!
  11. Do you like my new wizard staff? Pumpkin spice is not very nice
  12. Yeah, I've had some nasty burns on my fingers, it helped Do you slouch?
  13. oh oops, didn't see that.