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  1. She could change into the shape of a gun, but she wouldn’t be a functional mechanical firearm. Spren can only be one solid piece. There could be ways around it but with current knowledge in-world it doesn’t work. I think it’s mentioned somewhere that some Radiants had their spren take the form of bows, but they had to carry the string since the spren could only be one piece.
  2. Enough investiture in one place will become sentient given enough time, so yes.
  3. Sazed took the actual power of the shard, rather than trying to combine portions of their power and opposing intents. He was connected enough to the intents of both Shards to take both powers. He embodied both intents and effectively made them one intent.
  4. Any sentient creature pierced with a hemalurgic spike can be controlled, if they have enough spikes. For humans, I believe the limit is five before control is possible, and inquisitors have far more than that.
  5. He is the storm. The storm cannot be killed.
  6. Wait wait wait. The OP says an entity naturally born with the powers of feruchemy and Allomancy. These interfere, so a Fullborn can’t be naturally born. Mistborn-ferring, Feruchemist-misting, sure. Fullborn, effectively impossible. So this whole discussion is pointless. Hypothetically speaking, however, the best option is to avoid them at all costs. Next best thing is excessive amounts of aluminum and unrestricted Cohesion (for nuking).
  7. I reckon the ability is lost when the person dies, since it’s a spiritual quality. Maybe though. I’m not well versed in Awakening.
  8. Metalminds can melt, and that would usually cause the Feruchemist to be unable to tap them since they’re just liquid metal, which has a tendency to not stay where it was. I’m not sure if the investiture level has an impact on melting point, at least with basic metals. God metals are a different story.
  9. 100m: Not sure. Kaladin or Fleet, maybe lift has some speed. Tricky. 400m: Kaladin or Fleet again, tough decision. Mile: Still a tricky tossup between Kal and Fleet. Everything else for running: Fleet. If he inspired a legend, even if a bit exaggerated, about outpacing a high storm across a continent, that man has insane long distance. Javelin throw: Lopen. He has practice with one-armed muscle movement, and knows how to handle a spear. Hammer throw: Rock. Man drew a shardbow. Without Plate. He’s insanely strong. Only lost javelins because he doesn’t know how to properly handle a spear. Shot putt: Also Rock. Same reason. Hurdles: Kaladin. Long legs. Not sure on the rest, and even these are up for debate
  10. Well skilled allomancers can shift the point anyway, at least slightly. So I don’t see why such a fluid being as a Kandra couldn’t.
  11. A non-Radiant shardbearer cannot change the shape of their blade. A radiant could do this.
  12. I like it. It seems like the main theme of the Edgedancers is to represent the unknowns, the dejected members of society. So it’s logical for that to escalate to speaking for the silenced. Hopefully we’ll find out in coming books.
  13. I find it far more likely that the Unmade were more powerful spren on Roshar that Odium corrupted during the early times of his arrival on Roshar. They were made by the larger quantities of investiture on Roshar and Unmade by the corruption of Odium.
  14. I think most of us have already theorized that Honor would return. It will be interesting to see how it’s done. And it will certainly be exciting to see just how much an unchained bondsmith can do. Hopefully Brandon doesn’t rob us of the possibilities. This book is definitely going to be worth the wait.
  15. Hoid: Is the hillbillies