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  1. You really should, It is in my opinion, by far one of brandons best books
  2. idk, I was worried that chaos or somebody else would get upset if I changed what somebody said
  3. well that is quite a pessimistic view on things! What would Raoden say? also ngl after I posted that I was half worried that I would get in trouble for doing that
  4. that is a lot of big words, also twas a joke, I will edit, since you don't have a sence of humor apparently jk but I will still edit
  5. How do we not know that he is speaking of his many years of learning witch-craft?
  6. Which, is likely to be the result of self targeted magic
  7. would hemalurgy even work on a different planet? also would a dakhor monk be able to be taken by the shaod or no? what do you think would happen if the wyrm was taken by the shaod?
  8. This thread is really weird to read as the youngest of nine, ngl
  9. also I was just coming home from a trip, and I stopped at a gas station and they had outside of the bathroom a piece of paper that said "we have a waterfall urinal, large enough to fit two or three at the same time." I was confused and when I went in I saw this: (I forgot to take a picture so I just grabbed this reddit link for the image off of google, I am pretty sure this is the same place) There was this and one stall Outside on the roof was a animatronic cowboy that would say stuff, Along with it serving 30 different kinds of jerky and an ice-cream shake made with dates, it was by far the oddest gas station I have ever been to (If the image doesn't appear please tell me)
  10. if you want your life to not suck as much, then just look at this spooder-mon
  11. EVIDENCE!!!! Rubix cubes, he can solve them way faster than any man should be able to
  12. Oh bet! I have so much evidence of him being a witch
  13. Nobody know that you can take the capitals of the countries -\_(-_-)_/-
  14. May I just state, I am the best world conflict player I have ever seen
  15. actually never mind I want to screw you over, what can I do @Aes Sedai to mess up wits instant noodles