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  1. I loved this book,

    Words cannot describe how good it was.

    I can't wait for Era 3.

    Here are some random thoughts:

    • Wayne's sacrifice almost brought me to tears,and I loved the ending.In addition,Waynes character was hilarious throughout the book and it was nice to see him develop and grow as character until the end.
    • Hoid showing up at the right time because he followed'the explosions'was hilarious
    • I would love to see more of this dynamic between Elendel,the outer cities and the sourthern continent
    • One thing I will say I was a bit underwhlemed by Trell(Autonomy),lack of involvement in the plot.



  2. Hello,

    I love Brandon Sanderson,particually the Cosmere.

    My favourite characters from the Cosmere are Hoid and Wayne andMy favourite Book series(in the Cosmere)Is Mistborn.Don't make me choose between Era 1 and 2!