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  1. Well, I understand what you are saying, but think about it this way: At first, Dalinar took the Urithiru. Then he became King, and during this all he became the first Bondsmith in hundreds of years. The prediction is like an account of all of his exploits. The Tower=Urithiru, The crown=The kingship, The fallen title= him becoming bondsmith, because bondsmith was the fallen title. Next he will have to take up the spear, finally attacking Odium (or rather his champion) directly, instead of defending himself constantly.
  2. Ashyn was destroyed by misuse of dawnshards, not really surgebinding at all. (Oath Bringer page 1052, Dawnshard page 270)
  3. I believe that the "tower" is referring to Urithiru, of course. The crown might not be a literal crown, but likely the mantle of kingship. Similarly, I believe the spear does not refer to an actual spear, but represents an attack or offensive position. In all, I believe this is speaking of Dalinar's upcoming battle against Odium's champion.
  4. breeze

    Greetings my dear woman then
  5. I assure you my dear man, I never had that... particular gravitation towards Clubs, or anyone rather. I would also like to address the rumors about me secretly being a good person. I am telling you now that I certainly am not. All I wanted from my meetings with Clubs was an opportunity to try to get him to do what I wanted, without me using allomancy. He was already the hardest to manipulate in the crew, and I took it as a challenge of sorts. Again, my dear man, I assure you I am not a good person. I am exactly as greedy and selfish as i seem.
  6. Greetings, my name is Breeze. If you have found your way over here, you have probably heard of me. You see, the problem is, any time someone recognizes me, they ask me one question or another, and that leads to me having to explain the same things to many different people. That is far too much effort for me, so I have created this space for all of your mistborn queries. Just ask me a question, and we will see If I get around to answering it.
  7. My dear man, while all of your comments make sense, and I really don't want to take the time to argue with you, I leave you with one final point. Characters such as I, in books like these with, truly, descriptions lacking, I believe that the interpretation of the characters is mostly based on the minds of the readers, not that of the author. This is likely one of the reasons that Lord Sanderson does not often provide cannon depictions of characters. I personally would do the same, describing every character in every book seems like far too much work.
  8. It is the lack of mustaches in descriptions that proves that there must be more people with them. Do you reasonable believe that only 3 people in the entire series had mustaches? It is the scarcity that proves unreliability.
  9. Yes, I have found that drawing is the most accurate portrayal of me, although I would never let my hair get as disheveled as that
  10. breeze

    I assure you, my dear man, that I have no "minions". I could however... encourage some people to assist you, for a price of course
  11. I do like the idea to bring my age closer to that of Allriane's, i never felt comfortable with our age gap. I spend half my time wondering I if tricked her with my soothing, and the other half wondering if she tricked me with her rioting.
  12. I assure you, my dear man, that this "Alan Tudyk" would not portray me very well. You might ask me "Well Breeze, why don't you just play yourself?" I could never! All that acting seems like far too much work.
  13. Greetings. My name is Breeze. I would write more, but that is too much work. Suffice it to say that I am here to make you do all the work for me.
  14. "The idea of someone who can play with their emotions, who can ‘mystically’ get them to do certain things, makes them uncomfortable. What they do not realize—and what you must realize—is that manipulating others is something that all people do. In fact, manipulation is at the core of our social interaction. Think about it. What is a man doing when he seeks the affection of a young lady? Why, he is trying to manipulate her to regard him favorably. What happens when old two friends sit down for a drink? They tell stories, trying to impress each other. Life as a human being is about posturing and influence. This isn’t a bad thing—in fact, we depend upon it. These interactions teach us how to respond to others. The difference between Soothers and regular people is that we are aware of what we’re doing. We also have a slight…advantage. But, is it really that much more ‘powerful’ than having a charismatic personality or a fine set of teeth? I think not.”