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  1. I just realized, the unmade do not correspond to brands of fused, or orders of knight radiant, they are similar to the Stormfather and the Sibling, but unmade (corrupted) by Odium's voidlight, or perhaps originally made like that. Bonding such an unmade would not grant adhesion as that is seen as Honor's surge, and the unmade serve Odium. they would probaby be able to grant power to the one that accepted them into their body but what that power entails is uncertain, seeing as the only unmade we know to have bonded a human is Yelig-Nar, who seems reliant on doing so. I believe that another unmade that bonds a human would grant a similar effect, but you can't know for certain.
  2. I don't believe that a "bondsmith" with an unmade will grant adhesion, I just believe that they obtain a more powerful form of the brand that corresponds to said unmade. Frustration quotes this 4 posts ago
  3. I don't believe that a "bondsmith" with an unmade will grant adhesion, I just believe that they obtain a more powerful form of the brand that corresponds to said unmade.
  4. I'm pretty sure that the Bondsmith means bonding any kind powerful spren. I personally believe that bonding any of the unmade would turn you into a "Bondsmith" of sorts, similar to the process with Yelig-Nar. The reason for there not being a 10th brand of fused is that binding an Unmade will turn you into an Odium "Bondsmith".
  5. Elhokar thinks that someone is about to assassinate him because he keeps seeing Cryptics everywhere, this leads him to fake an assassination attempt with the cut saddle to convince people someone was trying to kill him. but what puzzles me is that Cryptics are attracted to powerful lies (the reason why they pursued Shallan) so what was the giant lie that Elhokar was hiding?
  6. honestly, if curly hair hangs in front of your eyes a bit it's not really a problem, it happens to me all the time, and it only slightly impairs my vision, I feel like long hair slightly covering his eyes would be an advantage for Kaladin, as his enemies wouldn't be able to see where he was looking, and thus can't predict his moves.
  7. your shardblade might just be poorly balanced, if you add some weights to the bottom of the hilt where the gemstone usually sits, it might be easier to wield.
  8. As soon as I got here, I was wondering what was going on with OOKLA, it seems to be in front of everyone's name who has been here a while. Please tell me.
  9. What if Shallan succeeds Hoid. -Shallan is affiliated with the ghostbloods and so knows a lot about offworld. -She and that Herald she is hunting in RoW may try to go offworld -Now that she broke off with the ghostbloods she and Hoid can go against them together. -Shallan and Hoid both bonded a cryptic -Hoid has been influencing Shallan's life for a long span of her lifetime.
  10. I mean, in Dalinar's flashback we get a vivid description of what the corpse looked like, one side charred, but the other was pristine, it apparently had survived the fire due to it being highly directional, so I do think that it is possible that they soulcast the corpse.
  11. thx
  12. XD Participation My list: Kaladin Dalinar Syl My list of worst characters: Moash, Amaram
  13. maybe, but I don't think so, fused are the souls of singers that then inhabit new singer bodies, they don't create their own bodies when they "respawn" the thunderclasts are formed by themselves when a thunderclast "unfused" soul inhabits the rock, and that rock becomes alive, if there were chasmfiend fused, they would inhabit normal chasmfiends. One thing I do wonder about, is the fact that some person in history did sketch the chasmfiend as a voidbringer, (discovered all the way back when Shallan and Jasnah were in Kharbranth) so perhaps there is some fused version of the chasmfiend that is allied with the listeners.
  14. nah, knowing Shallan's absolute fear of embarrassment, it becomes very clear why she did that, hoping that some insignificant guard she wouldn't meet again wouldn't think about it much, as a pose to seeming weak in front of Tyn, who she is trying to learn from. Although Shallan's actions are kinda stupid I get why she does them. BTW: People around here love Kaladin way too much, like come on, whoever hurts Kaladin is instantly hated by everyone, and painted in a bad light. Kaladin is a depressed pessimist, and those people who hurt him made him who he is. cut them some slack.
  15. I believe that the honorblades are like nightblood, sentient, but not mobile. when they were alive, they probably would have talked to their owner. Like Nightblood talks to Szeth.
  16. how does the day/night cycle work? Is it always day in glii, or do they experience a day/night cycle, but the actual tilt is just larger than on earth, and Glii just has longer days and shorter nights, while Vernii has shorter days and longer nights?
  17. I love Skar, idk why, just do. PS. In the future, try not to double post
  18. honestly, I don't think that it would be that entertaining, it would probably take the form of something like a fairytale collection, just a bit darker. Also what would those books be called? having the same name for 2 books is bound to be confusing. btw, please don't double post.
  19. yesterday evening, I gave some reputation, but today it says I reached my limit, without me having done anything.
  20. I have a bear, I call him Inspector Brown. Love him
  21. Throughout the Stormlight Archive, Gavilar does a bunch of different things, he unifies Alethkar, but also brings back the voidbringers and the desolations. Although he does this to restart the knights radiant, you have to wonder whether all of that bloodshed was necessary. There is also the fact that he looks up to the Sunmaker, who is genocidal tyrant, and yet is still looked up to. I'm just curious what your opinions are.
  22. S5 hasn't been published yet, so you shouldn't write about it outside of spoiler zones. Multiposting is when you post multiple times in quick succession on the same topic, if you have many things to say, write a longer post, if you already sent the post, use the edit feature, this stops topics from getting clogged with too many posts or something. You're not in trouble, just keep this in mind for future posting.