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  1. Not the Origin. Not the Mainland on First of the Sun. We haven't seen this place on-page in any of the books. This place is on Scadrial, but doesn't exist post Catacendre.
  2. Alright I'll make one. We haven't seen this place on-page in any of the books.
  3. The fountain square at Luthadel.
  4. Why have you evil witches summoned me? I had a streak going on for weeks and now it is ruined.
  5. Wow. Two spambots are attacking at the same time. Looks like I won.
  6. Yes and I thought that he would know the planet best, because he spent a lot of time hunting in Middle Earth.
  7. Oromë and I would ask him to give me an extremely detailed map of Arda with all it's races, kingdoms, rulers and languages.
  8. Z is for ZoBell Tower.
  9. Vin

    I agree, but I always imagined her exactly as Miranda Meeks painted her.
  10. Searching from the Coppermind is okay for the hard ones, because otherwise this game can get pretty difficult. R is for Rishir the Silver Kingdom.
  11. Originators were the people who (HoA spoilers)
  12. That's unfair. I didn't understand what you said so I didn't know that I can't use google translate. 1470
  13. Z is for Zane Now let's do places and a certain dragon from Tress that let this game exist.