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  1. I will have those socks and you can have ohio I have a skined cat
  2. I can add that to my collection, heres a leg of a dog (I hope you like it, he was my bestest friend) I have the other leg of a dog
  3. My friend lost some glasses recently (he said he woke up with no glasses and a loser sign) I will give you a wooden sowrd for them. I have a tub of toxic waste
  4. For that ill give you some homework I had to do (its easy grade three) I have a sign that says LOSER on it (for anyone you know)
  5. My dogs lips were getting sore, i will give you a emoji I have a used nuke shell..... I think
  6. imma put that on a quote board in my house and show it to everyone I know then proceed to tell them how much they need this advice in their life
  7. Mine is probably Breeze, I love his constant attitude as if he is always so high gentleman in some court. I also like Tensoon but I dont like how he killed OreSeer (if thats how you spell that name) I was so sad when OreSeer died so that made me not like Tensoon as much.
  8. I dont think that would be faster then using copper to store memory, either way they can just read the text and memorize it they would not need to be a child to do that and as offer said it would be to expensive. It might work but I doubt it.
  9. The fercuemist comes into play with the strength drawn from pewter but do you know the amount of pounds the initial allomancer/feruchemist could lift during that short period of time? maybe you have a guess?
  10. Lets say you had a full Mistborn who also is a Feruchemtist. He is burning Pewter, and Duralumin and drawing from pewter as well. Two more full Mistborn stand next to him, each burning Duralumin and Nicrosil. How strong would the initial Mistborn get, you could bring this farther by having the initial Mistborn also burning Nicrosil. Is there a max level of strength you could get to, is there a way to make this more powerful. I dont know if this has already been asked but I wanted to know the answer to this, Thx.
  11. A how does this work, and maybe an example of using it.
  12. What exactly does this do...? would it make you more lucky or something else im not done with the series, I still have the third and fourth book in the wax and wayne. You can reference things just dont spoil pls. Thx