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  1. Hoid strikes me as a good person, but ruthless, with a very specific purpose and goal. He's good at judging people and knew Kelsier would be an problem at the Well. Talking to Kel is pointless, they would go in circles all day, so the most direct action was a surprise attack and beat down (probably has some issues to work out too so maybe gets carried away). I can't find it now because I'm at work but in WoK he tells someone that he would let Roshar burn to suit his purposes or something similar.
  2. Struck me as meaning Chromium Feruchemy, storing fortune. Which, if the Ire are worried about Threnodites, perhaps their magic involves a similar fortune power.
  3. I had asked in a q&a once why Vin's instinct had her skip meeting Hoid, and if Ruin was aware of him. He gave an extended RAFO as an answer. This make makes me think of that, and I hadn't considered hemalurgy. This i like.
  4. Vin's zombie seeker sister.
  5. Something I saw on reddit that is my favorite theory on this. He compounds luck and throws a dart at a map of the Cosmere.
  6. just saw this and called local store and they have it will get on lunch break in 30 mins. very happy.
  7. Love Q&A's. Two questions. SPOILERS In Mistborn 3, what spooked Vin off from meeting Hoid? (My theroy is Ruin's infulence, because he didn't want Hoid interfering(sub question that just occured to me. Was Ruin aware of Hoid on Scadrial?) And What would Hoid have told her if they had talked?
  8. Great contest. I would like to take part in this. I would also like to win.
  9. Animorphs was great, I was at the right age for it to catch it as it started and would jump at each new book as it came out. and I'll third the Lies of Locke Lamora, another great fantasy/hiest series. Biggest recomendation I can give for fantsay is to Jim Butcher's Codex Alera books. book 1 is a good stand alone novel, then 2-6 are a long series of elemental awesomeness. for modern day Magic and Mystery his Dresden Files books are enterly worth it. I read Butcher first and his books got top shelf on my bookcase, of course now its an epic king of the hill battle between Butcher and Sanderson for Favorite author.
  10. (dont have book on me at work so name and exact quote are paraphrased) one line from the the priest guy, to Shallan, about the void bringers became filled with hate (aka Odium). Struck me as similarity to how Ruin could grab koloss, inquisitors, and kandra. the Parshendi seem so diffrent possibly because they were allowed to live outside of Odium's control and without interference from Alethi domestication. If they are aware of this fact they may be eager to avoid being brought under Odiums control again and thier eagerness for Shardblades may have something to do with this. If i wanted to grab the Shardblades from a nation i would absolutly pick a fight with them, and then move to a location where i had a large advantage, in hopes that i could kill and claim some of thier Shardblades.
  11. In this instance Wax put the Earing in with the Intent of communicating with his god. maybe thats the reason why Sazed he can hear his thought, because Wax is addressing them to Sazed specificly. Vin original never knew to try to send thoughts to Ruin and then when she found out about it, never wanted too..
  12. So with all the theft of steel and aluminum + foodstuffs sounds to me like another rebelion is starting. and more unsettling, the kidnapping of possible Mistings, combined with crazy guy from first chapter. More Inquisitors maybe? also im new here, and i hate grammer. so i murder it when i can.