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  1. Unfortunate.
  2. Steel guitars exist. Strings probably wouldn’t be in any type of tuning… although maybe the spren could form it at the right tension.
  3. That’s what I was wondering about. I wonder if any music produced would have some sort of affect with investiture? I doubt it from my understanding of things.
  4. Now the question is… shardguitar and or some stringed instrument? Not a weapon but I’m just curious.
  5. It could be anything. To me it seems more like something may go wrong with the contest more than anything. However your thought I could see happening as well.
  6. Yeah I mean why does he think about it? He’s seen what it does to the heralds etc. I don’t see why the thought is in anyones head at this point in the story. What does that have anything to do with it?
  7. There have been talks in the books of a new oathpack being made and I see it discussed here in the forum. Personally I think its a stupid idea. We have had it hammered into us the failing of the old one with heralds over time going insane and the shortening of returns. So why is it still an idea?
  8. It’d likely make Odium a much greater threat to the wider Cosmere. The struggle on Roshar itself could continue as is or perhaps if Odium is no longer chained then he could go and gather more forces. Or alternatively he could just leave and take his forces with him, though Roshar seems too valuable to just leave.
  9. Lmaooo true. This has devolved horribly.
  10. I agree, however it is fun to try and see if there would be any way the contract could be twisted. The current argument is definitely not really doing that unfortunately.
  11. Contest ends when one champion walks out alive.
  12. As others have said. The spirit of the agreement is that one champion comes out alive. Not which dies first.
  13. If they choose to break at the same time then they both broke the contract. If they both die then neither champion really won. gotta say you picked a fitting username.
  14. This is the stupidest argument I’ve seen on this forum. If both champions quite they break the contract. If both die no one wins, contract goes void.
  15. Gatcha thanks.