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  1. When Venli first used her radiant power of cohesion in the Tower in RoW (i don't have specific pages or chapters) she has a conversation of sorts with the stones that make up the portion of the Tower she was in. They tell her that past Singers were able to dip sticks into the stone and pull up weapons and tools. They were mostly talking about how powerful the radiant spren and Singers were together and gave a few specific examples like that one. Willshapers and Stonewards are super powerful because of cohesion. I can't wait to learn more about it in SA5
  2. I'm sure bondsmiths played a role in the destruction of Ashyn but I've always thought that it was mostly the Stonewards and Dustbringers. We don't see them on screen but according to this, the dustbringer oaths are about dealing with their increasing power with increasing responsibility and respect for their power. I think this is partly because of the damage they did on Ashyn. and Stonewards are crazy powerful when properly utilized. we haven't really seen that either, but their surges are among the most destructive. Bondsmiths are a bit of a weird case. I feel like the way they use tension and adhesion is just in vibes. Like year Dalinar can stick a bar stool to the wall to climb up to a high place but most of his abilities are just "uniting" in some form. Uniting the 3 realms with a perpendicularity. Uniting the broken pieces of Thaylen statues and buildings. I feel like Brando tries to make the powers fit the surges, but he figures out what he wants Dalinar to do first, then justifies it through "uniting". So we really have no clue what any other bondsmith is capable of because it is so subjective to each one. Maybe Ashyhn bondsmiths could have accidentally destroyed their planet. But I don't think that's really what happened. Also, the surge of cohesion is shared by Stonewards and Willshapers, not Elsecallers.
  3. I disagree with the overall message here. I love all 6 SA books (including the 2 novellas) and I think they just keep getting better. That being said, I do agree with this: I wish someone else had bonded the Sibling. I get why it had to be her in the story but there are so many people on Roshar. why does this married couple get to make up 2/3rds of the most powerful order of radiants? and all their immediate and even distant relatives are also super powerful radiants. Maybe other high prince families could have gotten in on the action instead of just being the political intrigue side of these books :/
  4. I'm a Willshaper through and through. It's a shame we don't get to see more of them in the books, though I really identify with Venli when she is in the Tower trying to free her friends. I truly believe that all people should be free to make their own decisions and choose their own course in life. For a lot of my life, I wasn't really given a choice on gender or sexuality stuff so I really see the value in each person having the freedom to make the decision they need to make. The actual Willshaper oaths we've seen sworn on screen are a bit more focused on physical imprisonment but I interpret them as more personal freedom and bodily autonomy-type stuff
  5. I don't think that's quite how it works. Radiants can usually swear oaths independent of what their spren is doing. When Kaladin swore his third ideal while protecting Elokhar from Moash in the war camps, Syl was nowhere close to him. She was being held back by the Stormfather and only once he had sworn the oath could she fully return to him. When Shallon has sworn her oaths, Pattern is pretty much always there but that doesn't mean it is a rule. He just happens to be the one who can draw those truths out for her. Either way, I don't think the cryptic moving a few feet/yards/rooms away would have made any significant difference in Elokhar's ability to swear his ideal. The only way in which Kal is responsible for the King not swearing his ideal is in failing to protect him from Moash.
  6. Unfortunately, no. I wouldn't consider myself a hat enthusiast. I definitely like a good hat and your tophat is most excellent!
  7. I'm not sure if this belongs here in SA or in the Mistborn thread but the stuff I'll quote to support this is from RoW so I'm going to go with here. I'm also not sure if someone has already made this theory before. There are 200,000 posts here so it seems likely but I still think this is a good idea and worth discussing. (I have been listening to the audiobooks so I don't have specific page numbers. I'll give what chapter I took it from and the context so you can find it though.) RoW chapter 39 - 23:39:00. This happens after the invasion of the Tower when fused and regals are searching the Tower for downed radiants. Kaladin is in his father's hospital area and hears news of these enemy troops coming toward him. He picks up a scalpel and prepares for battle, then thinks this: "the scalpel of a surgeon was a very different thing from a soldier's knife. a surgeon's knife could be a subtle thing, meant to cause as little harm as possible. a delicate contradiction, like Kaladin himself." "it had been designed to heal, but could kill just as efficiently, like Kaladin himself" also, in Harmony's letter (at the beginning of RoW Chapter 29), he says, "I have begun searching for a pathway out of this conundrum by seeking the ideal person to act on my behalf. Someone who embodies both Preservation and Ruin. A....sword, you might say, who can both protect and kill." I believe these quotes are referencing the same person. Kaladin Kaladin is a complicated person. He has years of formal training as a surgeon and years of formal training as a killer. He knows how to do both very effectively and seems to find a balance between the two by the end of RoW (after swearing his 4th ideal). But this complicated past is exactly what makes him perfect for this job. He is very familiar with ruining and preserving. I believe that in the second 5-book series in Stormlight Archive, Kal will meet Sazed/Harmony and they will strike a deal similar to what Odium wanted with Dalinar, though, not quite so destructive. Harmony doesn't need a general to lead his armies or a bondsmith to free him from his prison. Harmony just needs an avatar to act through. Someone who will truly, deeply understand him, his goals, and what keeps him from accomplishing them. That's the theory. Let me know what you guys think of this! I've been thinking about this for a week or two and really feel like it fits. If Kal can find a way over to Scadrial, this would be super cool!
  8. I am a long-time Sanderson fan and I want to start talking to other Sanderson fans and be a part of this community. Yall seem awesome and I want to be a part of everything that is going on here on this site. I've read Mistborn era 1 and Alloy of Law (but not the rest of era 2 yet unfortunately). I have also read Warbreaker (which was fantastic) and the amazing Stormlight Archive. That last one I'm actually reading through for the 3rd time right now haha. They're just too good! I can't put them down, even right after finishing them. I can't wait for Stormlight 5 but I'm sure it will take Brandon a very long time to get it as perfect as he can make it. I'm currently waiting for the audiobooks of Elantris and Arcanum Unbounded but can't wait to read those either. (I use an audiobook app called Libby that uses a public library card. It's free but can take a while to get some books.) I would love to theorize about magic systems, lore, and anything else yall can think of. Also, I've seen many people with little additions under their username called "Member's Reputation Title". how can I get one of those for myself? I'm a Willshaper and want to display that wherever I go on this website Anyway, thank you for reading this far and I can't wait to start theorizing with you guys!