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  1. This makes me think about how way back when the first Mistborn series was currently being published, there was a lot of initial emphasis placed on the fact that technically....metals are NOT the focus for Investiture/magic on Scadrial. Rather, its the molecular arrangements of those metals that act as a focus. In essence....a kind of pattern that Investiture is then channeled through in specific shapes and arrangements....aka magical manifestations. So ironically.....despite Sel and Scadrial seeming to have very different kinds of might actually be EASIER to hack Elantrian magic on Scadrial as opposed to say, Nalthis or Roshar. Because Sel's region-based magic tends to use the shape of locales the magic user is Connected to as a kind of focus, or at least in part....meaning that on some level, Sel and Scadrial both use shape/pattern-based foci whereas places like Nalthis and Roshar seem to use wavelength/frequency based foci (I believe on Nalthis, colors are the fuel that ignites the magical consumption/usage of Investiture - in the form of Breaths - just like on Scadrial, metals are the fuel that ignites the magical consumption/usage of the Investiture innate in Scadrians.....but just like the pattern of the molecules in the metals are the actual focus that the Investiture is channeled through in order to differentiate the shape each magical manifestation takes, depending on the type of metal you burn....similarly I think its wavelengths that are the actual focus of magical manifestations on Nalthis....only, its NOT actually the wavelengths of the colors/where they fall on prismatic spectrums....but rather, I think in the cosmere, there are Cognitive and Spiritual wavelengths as well...and thus Commands and Oaths can have a kind of wavelength or frequencies that act as foci for magic, just as the Listeners' Rhythms do. But I digress). So Moonlight used purified Dor to power the stamp that turned her into an Elantrian, yes....but on Scadrial, at least, she was able to power her Aons by hacking Scadrial's magic and channeling Investiture through locale-based patterns rather than molecular arrangement-based patterns. Or something like that, at least. *Shrugs* Still so much we don't know about how hacking magic systems works. (But incidentally, as I've theorized elsewhere that the men of gold and red might have started out as a Skai-created inverse or equivalent of Elantrians.....and magic on par with Elantrians is what makes them so terrifying as an army.....this could have a lot to do with them being the specific force Autonomy intended to use on Scadrial. Maybe this particular army ISN'T her go-to solution for every world she attempts to invade, conquer or destroy....but if they are Sel-originating, and Scadrial is a planet where its easier to hack Sel location/shape magics than other seems it'd be similarly easy or possible for Skai's magic systems to be hacked there as well. Just throwing that out there).
  2. I've had the same thought, especially because one of the other Shards is literally named Invention....with Ingenuity having been tossed around as a possible alternative name for it in the past, I believe...and Innovation being a synonym as well. So I'm very curious to see any world(s) Invention might be Invested in or a kind of patron of, because I would expect them to have pretty interesting curves when it comes to the development of magic, tech and magi-tech.
  3. Hmm, hadn't seen that WoB before so thanks for that. I do think given the context of the question and how it framed it as about the Iriali's religion rather than other aspects of their history does leave room for them to still be connected to Autonomy via fleeing her after the killing of Aona and Skai on Sel, so there is that. And I definitely think an army of Elantris-level magic users would be TERRIFYING....whereas the Iriali who aren't a part of said army could quite understandably be disconnected from that magic or unaware of it or how to use it....especially given that Sel-originating magics are region-based and need very specific hacks to work offworld (though of course, offworld usage IS doable, hence why an army originating from Sel could maintain its magical effectiveness elsewhere).
  4. Well I was actually thinking about that last part and how it could also pertain to the idea that the Iriali were originally of Skai/Dominion....because a Shard with the Intent of holding dominion over all might certainly view themselves as being The One, who seeks to make all others apart of him, or encourages his worshippers to view him as already being all-encompassing.... And as such, his people might view his Shattering and subsequently being part of the Dor, which is mixed into everything about being the same kind of thing the Iriali religion talks about as well. So the twist there would be people naturally assume that the Iriali are referring to Adonalsium's Shattering, and their whole belief about how attaining the Seventh Land will see The One reformed.....whereas maybe the Iriali have always been referring to DOMINION'S Shattering, and whatever their prophecies (perhaps Skai had a degree of future-sight as well?) say about the Seventh really in pursuit of reforming the Shard of Dominion. We know the Iriali's story is meant to continue in a big way in the space age of the cosmere....and if you imagine the cosmere as having a three-act structure....with the big bad of the primarily historical fantasy act being Odium....the big bad of the primarily modern/urban fantasy act of the cosmere being Autonomy......then there could be a third big bad coming down the pipeline for the space age.....and who would see Dominion coming as the final big bad, thanks to him being seen as not-even-a-contender for the majority of the cosmere's published history?
  5. I kinda have this theory bubbling that the Iriali are originally from Sel, fleeing from Autonomy, who conscripted most of their number into her army of gold and red as her 'fee' for helping Odium kill Aona and Skai. Still working on it, but we know there's still a continent we haven't seen on Sel, we know that Odium had help from Autonomy when Splintering Devotion and Dominion, we also know that those two weren't on the top of his hit list and the only reason he went after them when he did was because he came across them first/it was convenient, and we know VERY little about what magic on Sel looked like BEFORE Aona and Skai were killed.....and when it comes to the Iriali and their gold skin I've always had the nagging thought that they almost sound a lot like the silver-skinned Elantrians, just minus the glow.....which the Elantrians didn't have either, when the core Elantris Aon was disrupted. Basically, I've kinda been wondering if pre-Dor, Sel had another civilization that was like an inverse of Elantris, maybe primarily of Skai, way before his bone priests and their magic system, which seem to have only originated after his death. But imagine an....anti-Elantris, almost, with gold-skinned magic users born of Dominion the way Elantrians are transformed by their Devotion to something.....and Autonomy maybe even steered Odium and his Shard-shattering plans to Sel DELIBERATELY....because while Devotion and Dominion might not have been at the top of HIS hit list....who is more anathema to Autonomy than Dominion? Someone who by their Intent seeks to dominate all others, perhaps with an army of golden skinned magic users of power comparable to Elantrians....that Shard would ABSOLUTELY be at the top of Bavadin's hitlist....and since she seems to have no problem using the tools/magic/creations of other Shards when they catch her interest, such as how she was so willing to Invest herself into Scadrial and use her own god-metal in her plans there.....she strikes me as someone who is multi-purpose, and could very well go around sniping other Shards or getting others to do it for her, while at the same time using those strikes as a shopping expedition for her to scavenge anything of theirs that strikes her fancy or makes her think 'oooh, the things I could do with that.' Such army of golden skinned magic with streaks or accents of red, after being corrupted away from Dominion's Investiture to be remade somewhat in her own army of Autonomy that interestingly enough, in EFFECT is not so different from what Skai might have intended for them, being used to conquer, destroy and well, dominate other people and planets....but all in the name of Autonomy's Intent and her weird lens of seeing domination as something that falls within her purview as long as she can justify that its wholly in the name of ensuring her own longterm Autonomy. But yeah....even without Sel being destroyed, as opposed to how a lot of theories have the Iriali starting out on their long trail because of the destruction of their homeworld.....Autonomy using the deaths of Aona and Skai to try and conscript Skai's army/'chosen people' into her service, willingly or not....that's the sort of thing that could send anyone who escaped her initial snatch and grab into the wind, fleeing Sel in all sorts of directions to try and (ironically) preserve their own autonomy. And I could easily see some Iriali ending up on Roshar, by way of Odium himself, if he happened to react to realizing Bavadin had used him to some degree by offering refuge (with plans of his own for them) for some Iriali fleeing her grasp....or else, perhaps some particularly cosmere-savvy Iriali at some point in the past realized that the single best place TO hide from Autonomy - their own personal bogeyman, something they feared even more than Odium - was in the system Odium was imprisoned in, since despite working together in the past, there's a lot of plausible reasons Iriali might think she'd give the Roshar system a wide berth in recent millennia. After all, regardless of any personal relationship or state of alliance she might have still had with Rayse/Odium after the Oathpact imprisoned him within the Roshar system....if there's one Shard in the entire cosmere who would be inclined to stay faaaaaar away from a system that was literally being used as a prison for a would be Autonomy.
  6. Well tossing this out there to consider, in regards to the appearances/facial features/etc.... If there are Rosharan Skybreakers among the Ghostbloods, who says they're the only Rosharans in the group? Any Knights Radiant who aligned themselves with the Ghostbloods and their purposes wouldn't necessarily be beholden to the same divisions and conflict that exist between say, the majority of Skybreakers on Roshar and the other Orders. For instance....Shallan was offered a position in the Ghostbloods, and while we know she turned them down....who's to say that other Knights or Surgebinders with Illumination didn't join the group at some point? And if those Skybreakers happened to have a Lightweaver companion, near enough by that they could attach illusions to their faces before they went on a mission on a world that hasn't officially had widespread First Contact and thus required a degree of discretion....that could resolve the appearance issue quite handily.
  7. I just posted a theory in The Lost Metal Full Book Reactions (Cosmere edition) thread that we could possibly see Sazed's Shard split into two Shards again....something WoBs said is technically possible, but that its unlikely you'd get the same two Shards you started with....and thus end up with Sazed holding Harmony (60% Preservation and 40% Discord) while Kelsier ends up holding Discord (60% Ruin and 40% Preservation). And with two distinct Shards that are both still a blend of two opposing extremes, but not perfectly balanced....both Sazed and Kelsier would be more free than Sazed currently is to act in pursuit of a specific Intent that isn't end-neutral...while still retaining enough of Ruin and Preservation, respectively, that neither would be as in danger of succumbing to a singular Shard's tendencies towards extremism in pursuit of a narrow definition of their Intent. Interestingly, it strikes me that if I'm on to something here....the Discord spoken of way back in the first trilogy epitaphs....might NOT actually be about Sazed at all, but about Kelsier-as-Discord. And "His name shall be Discord, and they will love him for it" sounds waaaay more like something people might say about Kelsier than Sazed. After all, look at what they say about him and his actions from the first trilogy.
  8. Brandon's long-said that it is theoretically possible - though difficult - to split a Shard that's made up of two combined Shards like Harmony....but if you did, you likely wouldn't get the same two Shards you started with. What I'm wondering is if this is where the Harmony/Discord plot is going. Really, those seem like two opposing intents that are a different kind of yin/yang than Ruin and Preservation were, because both Harmony and Discord combine elements of both Ruin and Preservation, just in different ratios/different ways....that nevertheless results in two opposing Intents that Sazed is struggling to hold and reconcile himself. With this leading largely to him being ineffective as Harmony, and in danger of becoming Discord despite his best efforts and intentions....but still only ever one of these expressing itself at a time, with the other's Intent being temporarily repressed, and thus likely to engender a constant, never-ending cycle of back and forth where Sazed flip-flops between one or the other every few centuries. So I'm curious if an upcoming conflict between Kelsier and Sazed might lead to Kelsier either intentionally or accidentally somehow Shattering the Shard Sazed holds by himself....into Harmony and Discord as two separate Shards that can then be held by two people....Harmony by Sazed, but now able to be effective without the constant need to repress Discord or let enough of it leak into his actions that he's hindered from truly furthering harmonious Intent.....and Discord by Kelsier, which he is FAR more suited to than Sazed is. In theory, combining Ruin and Preservation into a single Shard and then splitting that Shard into two Shards that are BOTH a combination of Ruin and Preservation....could feasibly produce Shards that are less likely to ever drive their Vessels to the state of extremes that both Ati and Leras succumbed to in their own ways, because these resulting new Shards would be more nuanced, a blend of two Intents, even as singular Shards. Sazed, although always a good person, was never above being fallible as a mortal or now as a god, and holding a Shard that's truly Harmony but still with a degree of Ruin mixed in it....although not 50/50, maybe like....60 Preservation/40 Ruin...he'd be a lot more able to act in pursuit of his own best Intentions...while still having enough Ruin in him that he's never going to be in danger of seeking full preservation to such a degree that there's a threat of would have been possible when Leras held Preservation, had Ruin not been around to act as a counterweight to his Intent and actions. Meanwhile Kelsier, while a lot more shades of gray and capable of ruthlessness than Sazed, has always had positive qualities as well, and actively seeks to channel his worst qualities in pursuit of being a necessary evil still acting towards noble goals. He genuinely is invested in the protection and survival of his people, the issue has always just been the things he's willing to do in pursuit of that...because Kelsier, unlike Sazed who is inclined to use his godly power to make life better for mortals, at the possible risk of making them TOO comfortable and incapable of furthering themselves without divine aid (which in and of itself is still a kind of stagnation)....well Kelsier does believe that a degree of conflict is a good and necessary thing for the ongoing progress of humanity....just like a less than noble person like himself is necessary to act on behalf of good and noble people who aren't able to do certain things even in the name of their own survival. And if he held a Shard of Discord, that again wasn't purely a blend of Ruin and Preservation in total balance, but instead was still a split of those two Intents, just to a different, slightly imbalanced ratio, like 60 Ruin/40 Preservation....he'd be a lot better suited - and more capable and willing - to actively sow Discord not in the name of Ruining things or lives, but purely to push humanity to achieve things and grow rather than become overly comfortable and complacent...aka stagnant. And unlike when Ati held Ruin, Kelsier would hold a Shard that still had enough Preservation in it, akin to his own innate drive to protect people via his discordant well as an initial self-awareness and nature that's a better fit for a Shard of Discord than Ati ever was for Ruin....that he would theoretically not be at the same risk of being overtaken by malicious Intent more born of the Shard he holds than of his own choices and actions.
  9. We don't know that she's been actively alive for hundreds of years though, is the thing. We know from Brandon that there are various different ways that characters (largely the worldhoppers) manage to stay around hundreds of years after their introductory storylines, but those methods vary and we don't really know all that much about how some of them work. We do know however that at least one of those methods involves some kind of time dilation/relativity trick, where the character is able to essentially 'fast forward' to later time periods, essentially skipping out on the passage of time around them....but for them, only a short amount of time has passed. So for instance, if this 'trick' is how Shai's able to still be present despite all the time that's passed since The Emperor's Soul, she HASN'T been active for hundreds of years, and thus its not unreasonable to think that most of her time spent honing her expertise with forgery since we last saw her HAS 'only' resulted in two universal stamps and one to turn her into an Elantrian....with all three of these still being HUGE feats based on where she was at when we last saw her. If we knew for sure that her method of longevity was akin to say, The Lord Ruler's, where he was actively around and cognizant for all the centuries between the time of his birth and that of his death, then yes, I'd agree that based on the amount of time theorized to have passed between The Emperor's Soul and The Lost Metal, it does seem like Shai should have a greater volume and variety of powerful, useful stamps than just the three we saw in this book. We just don't know that she actually has that much life experience despite the seeming 'breadth' of her lifespan. (Though to be fair, it also could be that she doesn't bring every stamp she has with her to every world or on every mission. Even with centuries of practice under her belt, stamps like the three we saw must still be considerable investments of time and skill. It wouldn't surprise me if a centuries old Shai had an 'armory' of stamps hidden somewhere that she goes back to between missions, but she's highly selective about which stamps she brings with her on various trips to different worlds based on what she thinks she'll need, plus a 'break glass in case of emergency' kind of failsafe stamp like the Elantrian one, in case things go way wrong - since there's not likely a better stamp for handling any generic but extreme threat to her, at least not without foreknowledge of the actual threat and the most useful skillset for combating it. And if she is centuries or even a millennia old and has built up a vast array of useful and powerful stamps that she has hidden somewhere for safekeeping, her choices of these three particular stamps do make a lot of sense as they're all potent and useful, and only seem underwhelming in light of the actual mission Shai found herself in the middle of....once Autonomy's timetable was revealed to be vastly further ahead of what the Ghostbloods assumed it to be. Shai at the start of the book seemed to see herself as on the Ghostblood equivalent of a milk run....meant to be a fairly simple surveillance mission with a possibility of recruiting Marasi, but not much more action/threat-intensive than that, as they still thought they had months if not years before Autonomy and her pawns' plans for Scadrial required the Ghostbloods directly intervene. Essentially the same reason the Ghostbloods didn't have more members available to help stop the threat. In light of that, its reasonable that if at some future point, Kelsier was going to summon his most powerful and magically skilled agents to go up against Autonomy and her minions directly, Shai might have planned to only at that point head to some offworld safehouse where she has her personal armory of stamps hidden, and make more selective choices based on planning to be in an actual firefight or actively infiltrating the enemy camp.) Edit: LOL I see kenod and I posted at about the same time and had similar trains of thought.
  10. Quick question - does anybody know if this is the first mention we've heard of a planet called Mythos? Kelsier namedropped it as one of the places he was saying to Sazed they could potentially seek allies, if they had reliable means of transportation between worlds. It stood out to me not just because it was the only unfamiliar place referenced, but the way he phrased it "maybe even Mythos"....that had me particularly curious about it. Has me wondering if Kelsier considers it a less viable option than the others because of political/Shard-based friction or conflict with the people or powers of that world, or if maybe its a particularly hard to reach or almost legendary/fabled world. Especially considering that as the leader of the Ghostbloods, he'd obviously have to know TwinSoul's world is currently overrun or enslaved by dark aethers, so not exactly an easy source of allies....and given the difficulties in traversing to and from Sel via Shadesmar, or Roshar or the other systems that are difficult to get in and out of, it also seems less likely that the 'maybe even Mythos' qualifier is simply because Mythos is a hard to reach or inaccessible planet. Plus the name itself obviously carries implications of a particularly mythic or fabled place - or at least it feels like that's the sense readers are supposed to get from that particular name. So, just has me curious. I almost wonder if Mythos could be a post-Shattering name for Yolen. If there were one planet that was particularly regarded as legendary, it'd be the place the Shards originated....
  11. Yeah, I didn't take that line to mean that he was claiming to be personally Steelpushing, just that even as presumably the person in charge of that airship, there was nothing he could do to make the ship go faster, even if he asked it of the crew. Its akin to if you were to call someone on a private jet and tell them about an emergency and they said "there's nothing I can do about that, I'm halfway across the Atlantic right now, there's nothing I can do to get back to New York any faster" - it doesn't mean they're actually flying the plane themselves. I mean, wouldn't shock me if he DID lie to the Ghostbloods about his abilities, despite their insistence on honesty with each other - Kel's always had a bad habit of being a bit too 'do as I say, not as I do' when it suits him - but I don't think this is specifically indicative of him doing that.
  12. See, I totally agree with you that Sazed is not an antagonistic force CURRENTLY, though he might become one in the future - but neither is their outright antagonism current. Its also something that only exists in a hypothetical future. As such....Sazed's statement could only be taken as a complete assurance that any conflict foreshadowed by Brandon will be Kelsier's fault....if Sazed were infallible in his insights into the future, and we know for a fact that this is not always the case....ESPECIALLY where he himself is concerned. Its a well-established cosmere trope that everybody with some degree or means of future sight has blindspots when it comes to their own future. Plus, there's the possibility of unreliable narration ie Sazed not being able to be taken totally at face value when you consider the many kinds of misdirection and obfuscation these two engage in regularly. We know Sazed himself has self-doubts/concerns about what he might do in the future, given the potential dark side of Harmony aka Discord....and Sazed, better than anyone, knows how quick Kelsier is to look for any self-justification for the more dubiously ethical things he does. He had a front row seat to how Kelsier was able to spin his war against the Lord Ruler (a righteous cause) into an excuse to do anything he felt was necessary, so I could see Sazed being very concerned at how much more this older Kelsier might be able to justify to himself if he were once again convinced he was on the morally right side of the fight. Especially if the person he might someday be opposing is Sazed of the only people who normally IS around or able to talk Kelsier down from his most amoral decisions. Meaning this line from Sazed isn't necessarily a truism about the nature of any future conflict between them, but could just as easily be a massive bluff on Sazed's part, something he says in the hopes of encouraging Kelsier to be more sedate and circumspect about how he operates in the name of protecting Scadrial....because Sazed's aware that he might not always be in a position TO talk Kelsier down, and he's throwing out anything to try and get Kelsier to be more conscientious about his decision-making while he still has the chance. Ultimately, I'm just saying....I DO agree that a future conflict between Kelsier and Sazed is being heavily foreshadowed, and I'm not by any means trying to actually rule out the possibility that its Kelsier's fault, and he goes full villain in the future....I'm just saying it would be within Brandon's wheelhouse to avert course on that trajectory after using it as a red herring about the true nature of a future Kelsier vs Sazed showdown. And that I don't think anything EITHER Kelsier or Sazed says can definitively taken as proof of 'who's likely to be in the right' as of this point in time....because both are extremely biased and unreliable narrators, since they both are characters who always act in accordance to what they presume to be the right/necessary course of action, even when they're in total disagreement. Its up to the larger narrative to shape the context of who is actually 'more in the right' and until we have that actual context, it could go either way, with each character's assumptions or insinuations about the other being equally suspect when they're based on a hypothetical conflict whose actual origins or inciting actions haven't actually happened yet.
  13. Well, not necessarily. Given that Brandon has always held that Kelsier's NEVER been 'a good guy' per se, but was able to be a hero in the first Mistborn era because it was all relative to the Lord Ruler, and Kelsier's worst instincts/aspects were able to be channeled into a genuinely righteous cause by virtue of being all about opposing the Lord Ruler..... And given the blatant hints that Sazed is becoming less about Harmony and verging more towards becoming Discord, and that there's even a possibility that Discord is a problem that will have to be faced in some way in Era 3.... I could see it being a VERY Sanderson-esque twist if it turns out that Kelsier IS slated to become a major antagonist to Sazed himself, which is something Sazed has long seen or sensed with his future sight, hence his wariness around him and lies to him..... BUT the twist being their antagonism comes in the form of Kelsier once again being drafted as a necessary evil/the hero Scadrial needs, in order to oppose a Discord-ized Sazed should the latter succumb to his worst aspects in future books.
  14. Well Demoux is still out there too, right? He was confirmed to be one of the three worldhoppers looking for Hoid in the first Stormlight book, which isn't far off from this, time-wise.
  15. So. The last of the Shards. The Moby Dick to our Ahabs. The great white whale that has eluded us though we've been chasing its specific Intent for longer than we've even had a hint of several other remaining Shards like Whimsy. With the only definitive things we've known about this Shard being that for awhile 'all it wanted was to hide and survive' - and that this was only TANGENTIALLY related to its Intent, not the crux of it - and that this desire or plan was based on it seeing the overall state of the cosmere and figuring the smart bet was to avoid the other Shard-centered conflicts as much as possible - which many have taken to view as a Wise/Prudent/Smart choice and thus assuming it was the Shard with an Intent similar to Wisdom, which we also knew there existed a Shard along those lines..... I'd like to posit that the Survival Shard being the Wisdom-related Shard was a misassumption on most of our parts all along, and the Wisdom-related Shard was Virtuosity, as others have recently theorized....and that the real clue to the Survival Shard's identity lies in the one final bit of information that we have about it....the WoB that says that while in the PAST all it wanted was to hide and survive, it has come to the conclusion that this might not actually be the best/most desirable course of action for it. As such, my theory is that the final, sixteenth Shard, the last to be revealed: Is the Shard with an Intent that essentially last. To endure, persist, continue on in perpetuity. Note: This is distinct from Preservation in several key ways, most of which boil down to the fact that Preservation tends to be about protecting/continuing the current status quo, things as they are, the resistance to change in general.....things which lend themselves to something the books have often referenced or implied....that pure, uncontested Preservation is just as bad in its own way as Ruin, as it would basically be stagnancy, static permanence. The Intent I'm suggesting here is not that at all. Rather, its about the creation of a legacy, a Shard geared around looking towards the future and seeing to it that SOMETHING stretches on into that future forever, that some mark or impact leaves lasting memorials. A Shard like this wouldn't be seeking to Preserve anything in one specific form, protect one specific status quo or point in time, its not resistant to CHANGE overall.....its simply focused on seeing to it that, civilizations, life itself.....continue to exist in some form. If Odium is God's divine wrath, this Shard is the aspect of the Divine specifically focused on creating something, or imbuing creation....with an immortality of its own, a momentum that carries it forever onward into an unceasing future, no matter how it may change over time, how different it may come to look, so long as it simply....endures. Persists. Continues on as a lasting legacy that says God was here, people were here, life was here.....and this is its impact. A Shard like that isn't about Survival per se. Its about a permanence that can easily stretch across all three Realms, the Physical, Cognitive and Spiritual. The Intent of seeing to it that something lasts, something endures, no matter what else happens. That no matter what disasters befall various planets or species, what becomes of civilization or life, what happens even to gods themselves....some piece of what was manages to make it into the distant future, like a lifeboat from the past that tells whatever civilizations or beings might arise from the ashes of today's conflicts....this is the legacy of what came before. It endured. And as long as it endures....even in some small form.....all was not actually lost, no matter how all-encompassing a catastrophe was outside of those small remnants. The past is rendered immortal in some fashion, persisting through endless wanderings through time and space thanks to some measure of divine grace bestowed/focused on it....born specifically of the Intent to see to it that something of today makes it through to tomorrow, so that its never totally forgotten, living on even if just in memories. And so I could easily see a Shard like Endurance/Persistence/Perpetuity/Perseverance/Resilience/Permanence taking the stance that considering the conflicts waging between Shards throughout the cosmere as a whole....the smartest choice for it was to hide and survive. That way, no matter what happened with the other Shards and Vessels and their planets or peoples, even if the rest of the cosmere were to be long as it survived, something would always remain. Not everything would be lost. It initially hid itself away to survive, not because survival for its own sake was its end goal....but because by surviving it ensured that at least one piece of Adonalsium made it through to the other side of this cosmere-wide conflict between Shards, a lifeboat legacy that perhaps would then be able to sow new life or start things anew like a seed that had been kept safe until it could be safely planted somewhere it could grow freely, without danger. And of course.....along those same lines, one could easily imagine that such a Shard might eventually poke its head out of its hiding place, see how much worse things were getting even since it first avoided the conflict and hid itself away, and realized......this wasn't the way to ensure a lasting legacy, a slice of immortality. Because with the way things are escalating between various Shards, and how thorough various Shards seem to be in their quests to annihilate all opposition.....this Shard might eventually come to the conclusion that they were just fooling themselves. NOWHERE is truly safe. Eventually, after they've defeated all others, whatever Shard or Shards remain WILL eventually come looking for them, or else some penultimate conflict between Shards might be so catastrophic and far-reaching in the damages it unleashes....that even this Shard will be annihilated by the sheer scale of the destruction, REGARDLESS of where it attempts to hide. And thus....a Shard like this might ultimately conclude that the only TRUE way to fulfill its Intent, to see that something endures, that it, that life, that the cosmere manages to continue to exist in some to stop being passive and actively join in the fight to ensure a lasting legacy and an existent tomorrow. That the only real option for protecting a future cosmere's ability to live and fight another day, is to join forces with other Shards like Harmony and Valor and stand up and fight THIS day, while there are still allies out there to be found, before the likes of Odium and Autonomy have so thoroughly thinned the ranks of any possible opposition that there's no one left TO ally with by the time they turn their attention to whomever's left, like this Shard. And as a result....the Survival Shard is not actually Survival, as Brandon's always definitively stated....because its Intent acknowledges that its not enough to simply survive for survival's own sake. Its the Shard of building something that lasts, of making it to tomorrow and the next day and the next day.....the Shard not of Preservation, but of enduring legacy, of persevering not just in the moment, but specifically in the hopes of maybe someday seeing a better future....and with this so integral to its Intent that there reaches a point where it can't justify simply hiding away from the rest of the universe, crossing its fingers that this will be enough to keep it safe....but instead acknowledges that the only true way to ensure it has a future that's worth something, that is more than JUST survival for the sake of to proactively stand and fight for that future, a future where more than just itself survives because it knows that it alone isn't enough to jumpstart a whole new creation, not when its only one sixteenth of what created the last one. Even if this does end up negatively impacting its own direct chances of ups the odds of ensuring a future that contains more than just itself, and after reevaluation, this Shard decides that's worth the risk because a future where it alone exists isn't any more ideal than one where it dies.