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  1. 45. Offer them a shower so amazing they never want to leave. Eventually, rust eats their metalminds. Checkmate Fullborn.
  2. Agreed. Especially if your speed was increased by something like 50% after storing 1 for 1. Feruchemical decay is practically nothing at those levels (WOB below), but moving 50% faster would prove a massive advantage in a fight between equally skilled and athletic opponents. The speed of thought could certainly keep up at those levels, I reckon. I think this was @Tamriel Wolfsbaine's original point as well. Not to discuss how crazy steelrunning can be when compressed (which it is, but physics gets wonky), but to discuss how little speed it would take to produce a substantial difference in perception and ability.
  3. I believe he's just as powerful as he was before, which is VERY powerful, but consuming Rayse only left him full, not more powerful. Nightblood, as an object is already too full - that's why he's always leaking Investiture. Relevant WOB below: Hope that clears it up a bit!
  4. Hi! The Coppermind article references Oathbringer 33, with their line being the following - "Creating modern fabrials requires trapping the proper type of spren in a gemstone cut for that purpose". So you are correct - the type of spren matters a lot. The gemstone/ polestone being used is more to do with housing the spren, as certain types, colours and cuts of gemstone will be more appealing to different spren. From there, the metallic cage that goes over and around the caged spren will determine the fabrial's function/ effect.
  5. This is really cool! Really like the 'bargain and stasis' lines especially. Awesome to hear you're Invested in the other series as well! Would be cool to see your take on some other cosmere characters/ divine beings as you progress through the books. Great stuff
  6. I found this WOB regarding Invested ability, which might help with the first half of your question. However, as per this WOB they can be Commanded to use unkeyed metalminds, and he implies something pretty heavily about the metalmind type. Therefore, I feel like your assumption is correct. If the Lifeless in question was able to fill themselves with more Investiture, they'd eventually become self-aware (this can be seen in Clod, as the amount of Breath he has increased his self-awareness). The final result would likely be something like a Cognitive Shadow of the original personality - a copy of the original soul. I don't know if that would change their physicality to get their blood back though, as their Cognitive Identity might be linked to being a Lifeless. They're kind of like Shaod Elantrians, in that they're spiritual stunted. Hard to say; I leave it to more skilled cosmerenauts to give their thoughts. Anyway, hope that helps!
  7. I think you've nailed it with this section here. This is how I've always seen it working. All other attributes warp the spiritweb, but gold healing strengthens it. Though there probably is still some decay, it's likely not as high as other metalminds. Great observation!
  8. Hi! Welcome to the Shard, glad to have you here! While I can't speak on any actual events going on, Brandon has mentioned on a few occasions that the cliffs, red rock and windblown stone formations in Southern Utah were a big influence on the worldbuilding for Roshar. The Shattered Plains, the Kholinar windblades and the overall rocky nature of the continent are some specific examples. In this WOB he also provides some specific locations. Hope that helps!
  9. Ha ha! That would be fantastic, and though I can't imagine it ever happening, it'd be pretty nifty. However, I have to disagree. I feel that the goofiness inherent in the Lego Movie style would actually match a lot within Skyward. Imagine M-Bot's dialogue, or Spensa sneaking into Rodge's room. Those scenes would translate pretty well to a Lego form. From a broader adaption perspective, Skyward would be a pretty great property to get the Sando movies rolling. It's pretty self-contained and easy to follow plot-wise, and you don't have to hit as many cosmerical beats to keep things consistent. Plus the space battles would be insane.
  10. spoilers

    That's extremely interesting. I don't think I've heard that take on the rattle before.
  11. Ooh, the second word could be 'Statement' - spelled Statmint. The only word I can think of that matches the indeys word is intrigues, spelled Intregs, making that first line "the statement that intrigues me". That might not be correct though, as the indeys word doesn't have an 'R' in it. The word between 'I' and 'sense' could possibly be 'love' - spelled Lav ? Mate, the phonetics make it tricky.
  12. That's fair. I wonder though if Duralumin would negate the typical Feruchemical decay that you get from tapping all of the attribute at once, so the final result would be even stronger than a typical Feruchemist.
  13. I think the word near uncle is actually 'plead' rather than bland. Might fit the sentence better?
  14. Y'know, this makes me think of how Aluminum and Duralumin Gnats work in terms of Twinborn and the intersecting of their powers with their Feruchemy. Like, Allomantically it's pretty useless, as they're clearing or enhancing no other metals. However, I came across this WOB the other day and found it interesting. This makes me wonder if a Twinborn, with one of these two metals, would be able to delete or enhance their stored Attributes. Like, an Aluminum Twinborn erasing their stored attribute or a Duralumin Twinborn releasing it all in one explosive burst. In your characters case, with F-Zinc, I wonder if that'd give a moment of Tarvangian Diagram level intelligence. In fairness, it's probably something that you'd have to train and most Gnat's wouldn't spend much time burning their metal, but it would allow for some really cool power interactions.
  15. This sounds like a wonderfully fascinating read mate! Glad to hear that you're trying to find the fun in writing again - I think that's wonderful! I'll do my best to answer your questions with my current level of understanding of the setting. 1. I think this is up to your own interpretation. The way I've imagined it is that Snapping's no longer triggered by intense trauma specifically, but rather it's more like the mist sickness. A potential Allomancer is drawn to the Mists and accept a part of them into themselves, similar to inhaling Stormlight. When they inhale the Mists, it causes the change of the Spiritweb, and they become an Allomancer. 2. This seems possible to me. I'd imagine it's similar to the villain Muscular from My Hero Academia - his muscle fibers would become dense enough to deal with the incoming blows. The exact figure eludes me though - would have to run some calculations, but I reckon it'd be possible. 3. I feel that Elendel society would treat them more by what they did with their abilities then their history. I believe the broadsheets mention Steelrunners working in local diners, and Wayne's father wasn't given much attention seeing as he worked in the mines, despite being Terris. Elendel as a whole might be a little hesitant, but ultimately I don't believe they'd be discriminatory or anything like that. 4. Pure theory crafting, but I feel the resonance would have something to do with strengthening specific physical features. Like, rather than having all of their strength come out and they grow really large, they could strengthen just their arms, or hands, or legs etc; using less of their stored attribute overall. Hope that helps! Looking forward to seeing what others come up with.