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  1. Yeah, I am just definitely a very paranoid type of person, the "We need to talk" by Brandon (referring to talking about the future of the Cosmere after SA5 comes out) does also worry me. I know it likely isn't anything too bad, but I always tend to expect the worst. It is a problem that I have. What exactly was the quote for him saying we need to talk about it, again? I want to be able to read his words themselves. Hope again it is nothing too devastating, I don't think he would make us wait years if it was something really big. Edit: Reading the Grimdark Magazine thing did give more hope, as he still talked about Elantris as being very important (they were some of the things I was more worried about not happening), and that he still wants to do Nightblood. So seems like he isn't making massive cuts or anything. Seems the talk would be more about what is happening with Era 3 and Elantris order and publishing-wise, and when he is getting to Stormlight 6. Which makes sense given the schedule is less clear after SA5.
  2. I am extremely worried about Cosmere becoming just something like Star Wars Legends, where it ceases to really be anything special and just something a lot of different authors become a part of. I love Cosmere as being Brandon's vision, not something that has a lot of different authors. I was fine with Issac doing some things due to him being a big part of Cosmere in general, but now he is bringing in Dan (despite not long ago saying Issac is the only one he trusts for it), which is worrying me.
  3. It isn't, I was talking about the Hoid art where he is in front of a space background. It was used as Promo for the Kickstarter, and included in an Art Package released with the book. But if that isn't allowed to be uploaded, then okay. I just felt that it would count as publicly posted.
  4. It was decided to make Huck its own page, including a Spoiler Redirect. Basically, it talks about what we know about Huck, and includes a link that redirects to the spoiler info. Like was done with Restares and Thaidakar pages.
  5. Should we include the art from the Tress Digital File on the Hoid Gallery Page, which includes art of Hoid? Like, it isn't posted online, but the art was officially released in a digital format, so I personally feel it would be acceptable to upload. I just want to see what others think about it, as I know we are careful about what official art we upload.
  6. I mostly just meant that the Aether Spores page should be marked as not fully being the Aethers themselves, but being like, the seeds of them (Hoid called them their dross). Mostly was just talking about rewriting the Aether Spores page to be more accurate about what the spores are.
  7. Sorry for being a bit aggressive, I sometimes get more stressed than I should. And am also not good at moderating my tone and remaining formal when stressed. You shouldn't be sorry, getting upset is on me. I think what we could do is keep my section on Lumar Aethers on the Aether Page, and mark Aether Spores as the dross of them. Because the Aethers are still on the moons and such. It is a middle ground that I feel makes sense, seperating spores from the Aethers themselves, as I feel it is a bit odd to entirely seperate even the Aethers on the moon. But do see a logic in separating the Spores from the base page, your explanation does make sense. I just really like having things organized in one place, makes more sense to me personally than splitting them up a lot. So you could suggest to them that we keep light talk of Lumar Aethers in the section I have there, and the deeper details about spores go into the Spore page. If that works. (And sorry I don't do the Discord, I have an account, but I see it as more personal and don't join many servers. Would have to make a new one for Coppermind stuff.)
  8. I very strongly disagree with Chaos' decision and want to talk about why it was decided that two nearly identical things deserve to be separated. And if this precedent is set, then should we go and make separate pages for each Surge, and divide up Hemalurgic Chimeras into the two strands of themselves, to fall in line with the new way of going about things, given this is a pretty massive change to how things have been done previously. For reasons as to why the mechanics are not "different enough to warrant a seperate page", see above. The lack of any explanation as to why such a big change to sitewide policy in the edit that has decided this massive change is also rather unprofessional, and an explanation should have been given beyond mere statement of opinion. As this changes, most notably, the Spren page and Surgebinding page. Given things such as Spren and Corrupted Spren have huge differences in powers, appearance, behavior, and allegiance (far greater than the difference between Prime Aethers and Lumar Aethers) and yet have been counted on the same page for years. Same with Corrupted Mistspren and Mistspren pages being one. I know I am repeating myself, but this decision just has such a big domino effect, so I don't just disagree with it, but worry about all the sitewide changes it inherently demands.
  9. Correction now that I have read it, on what I feel would be good to read. But what I said before stands true, nothing is necessary. Most are just references, or things that can be enjoyed even if you don't fully understand it. Brandon made sure to make it readable without reading everything.
  10. I am strongly of the belief that Aether and Aether Spores should be one page, but (afaik) the merger note I left is being ignored, even though the information about Aether Spores is all already on the Aether page. Furthermore. Aether Spores are referred to as simply being compressed aether drops. We know aether drops already exist in the other one because it is called "a bud of Silajana" Aether Spores and Aethers have a ton of the same properties, such as Roseite being growth of rose crystals when exposed to water Aether Spores as a title ignores what they are, seeds/buds of the Aethers on the moons. Thus, Aether Spores is incorrect and should be changed if kept as a separate page. It would be like calling Gravitation "lashes". It misses the more important part. Both can choose somebody that they place a bud into and drain water from. Aetherbound and Spore Eaters. The main difference is merely that Aetherbound do it by choice and Spore Eaters are forced. Surges are all combined into one page due to the similarities and connections, same with Spren and Corrupted Spren not being seperated; and I feel it goes against the way we do things to just, completely separate things over relatively minor differences, not enough to treat it as an unrelated system. As the main differences are, They don't create complete bonds (typically) They have more compact and less stable seeds than the buds of Prime Aethers Are more parasitic, force water than asking for it Due to this and more, I feel they make more sense merged. I would do it myself, but I don't want to step up myself to delete the info on the page for a redirect, and also I can't edit the bar which has them there, so would also be nice for someone to delete that link, as Aether already covers everything.
  11. You should also use Trell for Trell, not Telsin. Due to the fact Trell and Telsin are separate beings, as explicitly stated several times.
  12. Yeah, someone mentioned it in the thread mentioned, it was BAM and I was just being dumb.
  13. Sanderson said to use Atium and Pure Atium until he gives an in-world name in the books.
  14. I somehow forgot about how Shallan was finding out about BAM, that actually explains everything. Thanks.
  15. Just be very active for a long period, yes. But it really isn't as organized with becoming one as it is for Editors. Like, I am an Editor, but despite being very active am not a Keeper (and probably not even close). So, just be active and give it time. Staff would decide to promote you when they feel like it.