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  1. I'm glad someone brought up the surgebinding perks. I don't think the additional effects are related to the two powers that mix. Just like the one order could tell who was guilty and who innocent. IIRC this has no correlation to their powers. It makes me wonder if the effect gets stronger if one becomes a savant.
  2. Spook was the savant IIRC, Vin on the otherhand drew in large amounts of the body of a shard. Spook though, used his power so mch for so long that he got super-tin powers. Perhaps a Stormlight savant would have a similar effect and make what you can do much sronger than otherwise possible. This could in fact be why the heralds are all a bit kooky, for thousands of years they had the honorblades, and when on roshar they likely used their powers non-stop as they had a desolation to fight. then suddenly gave up stormlight altogether.
  3. I've been gone quite a while, but dont we have WoB from a signing that the reason Kal could heal his arm was because he WASNT attacked with a shardblade, but an honorblade. I'm pretty sure i read that somewhere, and here seems likeliest
  4. Actually last year at JordonCon, I asked for a cosmere clue about Sel. He said that we have not seen all the magic on sel.
  5. Much less spiky, but that looks good, a dark ruddy skin with some armor built in, and of course marbling of white or black
  6. I'll do my best. I wonder how often in a Q&A i can ask things without bugging everyone
  7. In reference to the "Kalladin healed" bit, I would like to point out that we have WoB (in the WoB thread) that a clue is hidden in the fact that Shardblade wounds cannot be healed, yet Kal did heal from Szeth's attack. Presumabley due to it being an Honorblade and not a true Shardblade.
  8. Admins, thanks for the move. He has said (as far as I know) that there have not been Listener KR, but that it could be possible. As to mat's thing, I was referencing the amazing luck (for random things). He was always able to win more than he lost, but it became something more than that. It is vaguely mentioned that he won while he had the dagger but pre-healing, but nothing like what happens once he tries to escape Tar Valon onward. Mat has many of the same manifestations of his ta'veren-ness as the other two, but his luck always seemed something above and beyond just mere ta'veren. This extra luck (that does not have balance, it is always in his favor as long as it is random, and still in his favor but less often when less random) seems to occur after his healing, but definitely after his possesion of the dagger
  9. I almost put down The Eye of the World due to the incomprehensible prologue. I cannot say how glad I am I kept at it. For those who coudn't keep going, the books keep getting better 1-6 and at 11-14 get better than the one before again!
  10. Perhaps she should have been targeted over Elohkar's wife. Although she did precipitate an ardent's defection and mass riots. Looks like Dalinar was right again, they should not have moved the focus of the Alethi government to the shatter plains for so long.
  11. I could see Hoid not being able to directly kill mortals, but I'll bet he can put them in situations where they will likely die
  12. Hey guys! I'm at Jordancon this weekend. I will have the opportunity to ask Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss some questions. I have so far: Odium shattered Devotion and Dominion because they could oppose him. Did they have some special ability to do so or are any 2 shard on the same planet a danger to him? If a Listener bonded an Honorspren would they get the same powers as a human? And if a Human bonded a stormspren would they have the same powers/consequences that the Listeners do? (Shamlessly stolen from a thread in the WoR discussion board) What would be the real world carat value of a chip and a broam? WoT spoiler Lightsong notices that there is always enough room in the Palace for the Returned. Is there a cap on how many Returned may be alive at once or would they just build the Palace larger? That's all i have any suggestions please post them for me PS if this is in the rong area please relocate it for me Thanks Admins!!
  13. I'm betting that Odium heavily influenced him, but you have to understand in his own mind he was protecting his country, more important than dalinar or any single person. Many people in the series seem to have this idea, that they can do horrible things for a percieved greater good. Destination rather than journey, if you will.
  14. I'm pretty sure that the ability your closeness to Preservation gives you is the ability to burn a metal. Not to access a power, not to use investiture, but to burn. What metal you can burn determines the effect you can get. Brandon has said that much like the way Aons' shape determine the outcome, Allomancy works in much the same way. The shape of the molecules determines the power that comes out. The ability to 'burn' is the magic power. The metal just filters the power of creation into whatever it's shape determines. It would not matter, therefore, which planet the metals come from. The metals do not give the power, their shape determines which power is released, and assuming that all the plaents in the galaxy have the same periodic table, any metal will work from anyworld. However if you know how, or did the juryrigging mentioned I'm sure you could burn the stormlight in the same way vin could burn the mists.
  15. One minor point, Vasher is not turning stormlight into Breaths, he is using the stormlight to fuel his need to consume investiture instead of the Breaths he has. I would think it likely that he still has a large number of breaths, but uses stormlight to feed himself and keeps the Breaths for the powers it gives him.