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  1. @Being of Cacophony got the drag coefficient I'll ask him or maybe he will respond on here.
  2. k me and @Being of Cacophony calculated the terminal velocity of a rock roughly 1.5 inches in diameter and found the terminal velocity to be about 289.5 m/s (with 30 lashings or 21 gs). It wasn't exact because of a weird rock shape, but it should be close
  3. here's a WoB it seems like he's saying he's nearly always using steel
  4. Drag coefficient is slightly off a golf ball has a coefficient of about 0.24 witch changes the answer to about 214
  5. yep realizing maybe my conversion was off
  6. did you perhaps use the equation for a rectangle cross section cause if your diameter is 5 your radis is 2.5 square that and you get 6.25 times by 3.14 and you get 19.62 maybe try this cross section and see what happens? also as stated Roshar has lower gravity so it would be about 21 gs I need to get my hands on an actual rock to calculate the exact numbers but I struggle to find one under snow.
  7. Na I uped it to thirty gs though do we know the air resistance on roshar is different from earths cause that could also have messed up my calculations
  8. Square the radius times pie again just used what I thought would be roughly average size and mass for a rock about 2 inches in diameter but if you give me a couple hours ill go find an actual rock and calculate it off that.
  9. just plugged it into a terminal velocity calculator using about the size and mass of small stone and it said your terminal velocity would be about 50m/s witch is about 112 mph the calculations could be slightly off based on how bug of a rock your doing.
  10. Wouldn't you hit terminal velocity before that? I have no clue but since its just gravity pulling it it has to eventually has to reach terminal velocity again I could be compleatly wrong
  11. theoretically a person picked up enough investiture to be on a shards level do they get an intent?(I know this possible but just in theory)
  12. this sounds sort of familiar maybe a character boasting rather than an actual fact? idk but it does sound familiar
  13. Who would win a 4th ideal windrunner or a 4th ideal skybreaker.
  14. I’m not afraid to die on a goat. I will not be outworked. Period. You might have more talent than me. You might be smarter than me. And you may be sexier than me. But if we get on a goat together there’s two things that’ll happen. You are going to get off first or I’m going to die. It’s really that simple. I’m not going to be outworked
  15. Interesting I wonder what effects that would have is there a limit to how many glyphs an elanteian can maintain? Could a mistborn just keep running glyphs the elantrian is trying to get rid of?