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  1. I wrote a poem! (wow totally unexpected whoo :P)

    This one's a bit... deeper? Darker? Than the other ones so uh... yee.

    Hope y'all enjoy!

    [Spoilered for length]


    Hollow Wholeness

    What is this fear, that lingers
    Deep within my heart? I feel
    It building, with cold fingers
    Squeezing my soul, the warmth frail

    And fading in the face of this onslaught.
    Folding in upon myself, crumpled,
    Broken, fearful, angry, distraught,
    Afraid of the pain, I plead

    With the voices in my mind.
    “Stop screaming, stop shouting!”
    They continued to yell, blind,
    To my pain, horror, and suffering.

    When I turn to my friends, hollow
    Comfort is all I receive. “Smile,”
    They say, words oh so shallow,
    “It will all be fine in a while,

    “Don’t whinge,” They scoff,
    “What right have you to complain?”
    They sigh, turn their heads, brush me off,
    Oblivious to my pain.

    I walk in shadow, head bowed
    Beneath the weight of my fears.
    The smiles I give are a shroud
    To hide my weakness and tears.

    Who will help me with my burden?
    Who will lift me from the dirt?
    Who will push back the dark curtain?
    Who will speak comfort to my hurt?

    A distant light on the horizon
    That glimmers and glitters weakly.
    It whispers for me to hold on,
    It will come – it’s what I’m seeking.

    A glimpse of hope among the fear,
    A soft touch in the night,
    A voice that whispers in my ear
    Gentle hope – and wonderful light.

    Have a wonderful day/night/ time! Y'all are awesome!


    PS: I almost signed off using my actual name oops :P 

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    2. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      How are ya feeling now?

    3. Aes Sedai

      Aes Sedai

      Wow, that was…incredible. I completely feel that. Good job!

      Storm it I’m still out.

    4. Shining Silhouette

      Shining Silhouette

      Beautiful, as always.

  2. That... statement is pretty suspicious... *investigation noises*
  3. Well you know, we girls are made of sugar and spice - so of course we're sticky! Just in a sweet way
  4. But he do be dead tho :/
  5. "Uhm... giving cats catnip during spaceflight isn't a good idea..." Rael said. Kelsier Junior's eyes widened as he sniffed the catnip. He mewed loudly and sniffed it eagerly, flehming when he looked up - his tiny pink mouth open. "Prrrmew?" He asked Rael. He edged towards the small collection of glass vials. "No.... not yet..." Rael replied, picking him up and cuddling him.
  6. OOooOOOOOoooOOOOo Magician, these are EPIC! Even just the lineart is AWESOME BRO!! Your style is just soo good!! LOVE IT! (my rep limit hasn't been updated, so I will throw some at you later )
  7. *The STICK begins to vibrate with POWER*
  8. That... what... *carefully places the actual STICK on the Altar*
  9. Ewww gross. Then we would be stinky like men
  10. The Ja... was dead? What- how? Allswell shook his head and studied a large crate. He picked up a jar from the crate and shook it, eyebrow raised. "Deathants? Really?" He rolled his eyes and carefully set it back in the crate. He stood and brushed off his pants, running a hand through his messy blonde hair. If anything, this case is going to be quite interesting...
  11. There is not enough detail in the Coppermind for a bullet-proof answer on how exactly Aesudan and Hesina, but there is no mention of Hesina and Aesudan being sisters. More likely, they would be cousins (which would make a bit more sense), but as I said, not bullet proof. What we know for sure is that they are blood relatives and closely related. So personally, them being cousins would make more sense.
  12. Just checked on the Coppermind, and from what I've found, Hesina and Aesudan are related. Here's a quote from Hesina's history on the coppermind: "Although her exact parentage and place of birth are unknown, at least one of Hesina's parents was not a darkeyes.[15] By the time Hesina was seventeen, they lived in Tomat, where Hesina's father was a privileged business owner and was able to bully the citylord into following his wishes." So from this, it can be surmised that Hesina is related to Aesudan through one of her parents - the Lighteyed one. This does not mean that Kaladin is in line for the throne directly, and will most likely not become royalty (unfortunately ) unless there is some funky stuff, and Gavinor dies. Hope that helps!
  13. Zirn'rii zipped in front of Fadran. Are we gonna go yet? Are we?? Eliira rubbed the bridge of her nose with a reserved sigh. Darn spren. She thought to herself.
  14. What is this fun thing?
  15. Storms.... *wipes away tear* that, as Wizard has said, is indeed beautiful...