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  1. "Never trust a plastic hippo!" - Robin Good This quote has guided my life, my faith, my entire existence. I will never be taken in!
  2. Ooo flute time! Whoooo We should invite Ranyu! @Ookla the Obstinate
  3. The Clinic Telrao stands and stretches, then snaps to attention. Wait. Did I just fall asleep? She rolls her blue eyes and pads down the hallway. Emma had disappeared somewhere, and Telrao wasn't quite sure where. For a few blissful moments, she forgets about losing her home, her mission, her purpose, her family. She is no longer a part of the Therapy Cats. She is no longer immortal. She shakes her head to clear away the grief. I have a new family now... I just have to find where they got to! Telrao closes her eyes and begins to quest in the air, searching for Emma's Connection to her... there! Ruins of Tal'rin Telrao yanks on the thread and is thrown violently onto the grass behind Emma. She lies on the grass for a moment, revelling in its scents, then groans and rolls to her feet, prodding the back of Emma's leg with a furry paw. "Forgot about me, did you? Of course, your resident sponge of darkness is here to serve you, any time..." She rolled her blue eyes. Where had that sass come from? Emma's rubbing off on me... @Ookla the Myopic
  4. *Waltzes down the aisle with potatoes*
  5. Too many. Far, far too many. Is there a human with you right now?
  6. The Islands: The Secret Room Telrao gasped as consciousness returned to her in a burning, yet comfortable sensation. She raised her head and blinked slowly, then buried her furry head in Emma's hair, breathing in her scent. "Thank you," she whispered, "Thank you..." The Second watched carefully. "That is a powerful bond, Furless One. But there is one problem. The Seventh can no longer be part of our order, as she is now bound to you, and not our Oaths." He looked mournful. "She no longer has the immortal connections she once had. Age will touch her in time." "Second." Telrao said, jumping down from Emma's shoulders and bowing respectfully to the powerful cat. "I accept the ramifications of my decision. I swear that, should this Bond end, I shall end also. I swear that I shall never divulge the secrets I have learned, or the knowledge that keeps this Place safe." She closed her eyes and groaned softly, the pain of leaving stabbing her heart. "And I swear..." she swallowed her tears. "I swear to never return to the Islands, nor to allow any others passage to it." "These words are accepted, Seventh. You shall be remembered, your name written in the sacred books. Once your soul has left your body, only then may you return to here." He bowed his head and licked Telrao's forehead. "You have my blessing, Child of the First. Be at peace." His words rippled the air, and Emma, Calano, and Telrao popped back into Calano's study, an invisible wind caressing their faces. Do what you can to save the Worlds, Children. Be at Peace. @Ookla the Myopic @Ookla the Crow
  7. The Other Cloaked Figure was extremely shocked to see a fireball shooting at his face. He summoned his Rootshield and blocked the flame, then smacked his Rootshield with a cloaked hand. "Ay ma mate," Gurgles grumbled, "Why'd ya do that ta me?" "You," The Other Cloaked Figure replied, allowing the Rootspren to return to his normal form, "Are supposed to be good, remember?" He pointed a cloaked finger at the other Rootspren. "Bonds are supposed to change you! What happened to our Oaths? Do they mean nothing to you?" The Other Cloaked Figure picked up Gurgles. "You're coming with me, spren. We're going to Uruthiru, and we're going to have a long chat. Let's go." He sucked in some Stormlight and disappeared in a splash of Root.
  8. Indeed, the English Language is strange in that way. Is "language" 2? 3?
  9. The Islands: The Secret Room Come... come with us? I wish... I could understand.... her mind was getting foggier. She could feel the blanket of blankness settling over her mind. Desperately, she clawed back her sanity and the words finally clicked. She nodded her head and purred, rubbing against Emma's hand. I would love to join you... I don't want to fade away... @Ookla the Myopic
  10. This fact is very true I can confirm this cool fact Haikus are easy
  11. Telrao's ears perked up. I know what these words mean... she pushed through her brain fog and finally grasped their meaning. She nodded, but that was all she could do to respond. Her broken Oaths had taken the words away... locked them up somewhere. Meanwhile, the Second studied Emma, contemplating. Eventually, he whispered to the Fourth, and she nodded, stepping out of existence for a few moments, then returning with something held in her teeth. "Child," the Second said, taking the thing from the Fourth and dismissing her with a respectful nod. He turned to Emma again. "The Seventh cannot speak. Her mind is fading - before long, she will become a normal cat. Albeit with Elantrian abilities. But I may have a temporary solution to your problem, Furless One." He handed the thing to Emma. It was a pendant on a long string of intricate silver chain, the pendant itself made of strange stone that shivered slightly when it came in contact with Emma's hand. It was carved with the same symbol scattered around the Islands. The symbol seemed... softer on the pendant. "This pendant," the Second said gently, "is a protective measure. It will not absorb all of the darkness, but will be able to siphon a little off at a time. The Seventh had the ability... has the ability of Absorption - she is able to take some of that power, but eventually reaches a limit where she has to convert it to something else." He turned away, brown tail flicking, sapphire eyes touched by tears. "I am afraid that is all that I can do for you now, Child. I cannot interfere too much with the Great Chain." He added softly under his breath, "Heaven knows I've interfered too much with these worlds..." @Ookla the Myopic @Ookla the Crow
  12. *spoopy voice like u gonna murder somebody* "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID."
  13. For there was something worse. Something more horrible that Subversion hiding there. This powerful being was...