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  1. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and being patient with what I imagine are my extremely noobish questions. I appreciate both very much.
  2. Thank you all again for the great responses. I have one last question here, what happened to Odium's magic system the people used on Ashyn? Did it get left behind and is no longer available due to the exodus, is it still being used and we just don't have enough info to identify that there is a difference, or is it actually what we've been seeing the entire time just with restrictions added by Honor which maybe changed it in a way? I feel like somewhere it says that the voidbringers came and brought their terrible powers with them. Was there a "magic system" on Roshar before the humans came? I know the dawnsingers existed but I've always viewed their feats as a combination of Kabsal's sand demonstration combined with the surge that the stonewards use to liquefy stone so not the same as what we have now? Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated
  3. Thank you for your response. I've read all of them so far. So then are we thinking that the humans used a different magic system to destroy their original planet and then after they began accessing Honor & Cultivation's system, at that point Honor bound the surges because he was worried that they might do the same thing with the Rosharan magic system?
  4. I'm a little confused about something and wonder if maybe someone can clarify. Is the magic system of surgebinding Odium's magic system? I feel like it says that the people from Ashyn destroyed their planet with surges, moved to Roshar bringing their god Odium, and their powers with them right? so Odium was their god when they destroyed their planet and so how can that be if surgebinding is the magic system of Honor and Cultivation? How could they have gotten access to surgebinding if they were on a different planet with Odium? Thanks in advance
  5. I thought that avatars were when the shard breaks off a piece of itself and makes that piece autonomous, but still a part of the larger whole of the shard? Unless I'm misremembering, this would seem to indicate that the avatar would share the intent of the shard that created it, no?
  6. I read a WOB somewhere once that said a kandra could use a true crystal skeleton in the same way that a parshendi uses the gem heart iirc I don't think that actually bonding the spren inside the skeleton was specifically mentioned however.