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  1. I have not been able to get a copy of Stormlight yet, though that is the only thing on my Christmas wishlist, so I can’t judge it yet. Mistborn introduced me to Sanderson, and it was the best literature I had ever read and it is the reason he is my favorite author now. So I would say Mistborn in first, and Skyward and other like the Reckoners tied for second.
  2. I have seen a lot of people talking about how Starsight was their least favorite book in the series tho
  3. No one has chosen Starsight or Sunreach or Redawn yet
  5. I need a shirt of myself. I really, really need it.
  6. Explode. Must. Explode

  7. When you have read the Mistborn series about 20 times
  8. YKYASFW you are a coder and write down a bunch of pages at midnight on how to make a Sanderson game if you ever got the chance to
  9. When you're eating lunch and you randomly start thinking about whether FM is cytonic or not
  10. Just imagine a Brandon Sanderson D&D! Cytonics, Epics, Mistborn, Stormlight, etc.
  11. I just realized something! When Alanik was nearly missed by a mindblade, it was mentioned that the humans wouldn't see it coming. So, non-cytonics can't see it. But in Sunreach, FM notices Boomslug's mindblades before Jorgen is cut. Does that mean FM is cytonic?
  12. So if you killed their friends you could kill them too. I guess you could just imprison them to keep them safe, but would they stay your friends then?
  13. So people who believe there's an afterlife could just kill you easily.
  14. The assassin is one of the best characters ever created.