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  1. Matra almost screamed as Thaidakar collapsed next to Platypus. “Not you as well!” She turned desperately to X, her eyes brimming with frantic, almost hysterical concern. “What do we do now? What if they’re both dead and we’re on our own and we just let one of Calano’s most trusted advisors get killed? What then?!” She was shouting now, hands gesticulating agitatedly. @xinoehp512
  2. guyssss after a 3-year-long questioning crisis i finally figured myself out *deep breath* i am: nonbinary female-presenting lesbian homoromantic demiromantic asexual who goes by they/she/xe … that’s a mouthful lol y’all didn’t really need to know that but i’m happy because yay no more panic attacks and anxiety and nightmares and depression about not knowing who the scud you are (questioning amirite) so yea lol
  3. Double lucky :P 512E672C-855B-4B85-93E5-6C3E2EDDD02C.thumb.jpeg.6053ac86c7d388bac3c65de905cc373f.jpeg

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    2. Aes Sedai

      Aes Sedai

      That’s too many two’s to comprehend right now. Bravo!

    3. Wittles of Shinovar

      Wittles of Shinovar

      That's awesome. 

    4. Cinnamon


      Triple lucky! (There’s three twos in 2022, ik it doesn’t really count because of that pesky 0 but whatever :P)

  4. “Do we… contact the places that house them? Can they help? Or all they all evil, corrupted, like the Clinic?” @xinoehp512 Matra ran over to Platypus. “Are you okay? Can you hear me?” @Being of Cacophony
  5. nooo not another rp that i’m gonna start then abandonnnn Oh well, I had a character lying around anyways. Now watch me do like three posts in here and forget all about it…
  6. “I think there’s food and sleeping supplies that should go round all of us, but only for a few days at most.” She grimaced at the reality of their situation. “We have to make a plan, and fast, to save the Clinic.” Matra picked up a stone off the floor and began to draw with it on the wall. In big letters in the centre she wrote “Saving the Clinic” and underlined it, and then drew several arrows arching off from the words. Under one of them she scribbled Emma, one of them Korrupted People, and the other one Cracks in Universe. She then drew bubbles around those headings and added more arrows, then lowered her arm and looked around. “Any ideas?” @xinoehp512 @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @Being of Cacophony
  7. I hath been swallowed by the great Shard of Inactivity.

    I need saving from the other great Shard of Schoolwork (the Vessel of which is named Biology), who has been encouraging Inactivity and preventing Activity from rising victorious once more.


    … what the flip did i just write :ph34r:


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    2. Sequence


      Might I suggest tricking yourself into working? As in:

      "Okay, I'm going to do just FIVE MINUTES of work!"

      And then don't set an alarm or a timer or anything, and you'll get into the work mindset and end up working longer. Usually. 

    3. Aes Sedai

      Aes Sedai

      I've been trying to obey the Shard of Schoolwork all day. Nothing seems to work. I am beginning to think that this shard can't be bested.

    4. xinoehp512


      Too relatable

  8. “I… um…” That was a good point, actually. Were there? Suddenly, every shadow in the long corridor beneath the trapdoor seemed to loom ominously, every pile of rubble morphing into the shape of a monster. ”I don’t know. Best keep our wits about us, just in case.” @xinoehp512
  9. Matra looked uncomfortable, glancing at Thaidakar. “Well… Calano did leave Thaidakar in charge of the clinic, so maybe he should lead? I’ll just be a sort of tour guide.” She nodded vigorously. Realising this may have come across ungrateful, she smiled at Platypus. It wasn’t that she wasn’t thankful for his assumption that she should be in charge, it was just… responsibility terrified her at the best of times, and the world was literally ending. Now was not the time for her haphazard leadership. She shook her head, plastering on her best bright grin. “Come on, guys! Just a little more to go!” It occurred to her that she might be overdoing it, but she dismissed the thought. @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @xinoehp512 @Being of Cacophony
  10. “Yeah, it was destroyed by Kaos monsters a while back and me, Bookwyrm, Insa and a few others helped the survivors.” She pointed to a spot a few hundred metres away, where a rusty trapdoor was barely visible among the rubble. “There’s an underground bunker over there. It should still have all the stuff from the last time we were here, and we can camp out there while we sort out a plan.” Beckoning to X, Thaidakar and Platypus, she set off in the direction she had indicated. @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @xinoehp512 @Being of Cacophony
  11. Matra nodded at X. She took a deep breath - she still wasn’t used to this portal-jumping business - and stepped gingerly through, into Tal’rin where Platypus waited. “Come on X, it’s completely safe.”
  12. YESYESYES i love this!!! To repeat Cinnamon, I have school so i’ll probably go through and put my thoughts as i go along this evening. it’s still so good tho!!
  13. thanks, it probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway since she’s in a completely different social circle and we only talk when we have classes together, but… still. i’m happy that she trusts me enough to come out to me tho :3
  14. i just found out my crush is aroace
  15. I had my flute lesson today and my teacher thinks I can take my grade 7 exam after easter holiday! and I only did grade 6 at christmas- (and yes i know that’s kinda low levelled but i’m definitely on the younger side of the shard so cut me some slack ) (for peoples not familiar with the music exam system, there are 8 grades and you take the grade exams once you’ve prepared a bunch of repertoire, scales, sightreading, aural etc. and the system is devised on the basis that it takes a year for you to go from complete beginner to grade 1, then another year from grade 1-2 etc, but most people take longer than that. so the thing i’m happy about is doing it in 2/3 of an academic year :DD) so, yay! more intense practice, stress, mock exams, recordings, rehearsals, and fun! (but in all seriousness i’m super excited cause then I can say ‘i’m grade 7’ and I won’t always be the lowest graded person in every orchestra ever lol) (sorry this is kinda lowkey for the things people share in here and i don’t want to detract from cruciatus_heart’s super super cool achievement (well done by the way!!) but i’m happy ) (storms that was a lot of parentheses!)