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  1. Ok I don’t know if this has been created before, but there’s a game called five word story where you’re trying to tell a story, but each person can only say 5 words. For example, the first person might say “once upon a time there” and then the next person might say “was a very big fish” and so forth. It’s a fun game, and sometimes the result is really cool. At the very least, it’s usually funny. Soooo…we can have one long story, or lots of short stories, or maybe this will die and that’s ok too!! I’ll start. There once lived a bird. bold your 5 words.
  2. *is the rattlesnake because it’s not against the rules*
  3. Hello um quick question (shadow and bone season 2 spoilers I guess)
  4. …was our choice to make Lotus into Nomad’s Mom? because that feels like a waste of a choice.
  5. that was 8 words Bartimus Crowfeet had no feet.
  6. Can I join even if I just show up like once a month and have no clue what I’m doing?
  7. Hmm…well, this is probably just personal opinion, but I thought it was hard to tell when it was his thoughts (I’m assuming it was his thoughts, because it switched to 1st person). A few of the transitions felt a little jerky and forced too, just between paragraphs and things. But again, this is all just my opinion. Overall I think it was super intriguing, I’m very excited to see what comes next!
  8. Emotionless logic brings a darker future than any feeling-saturated past could have been.
  9. Oooh it’s cool!! Imma watch arcane when I finish shadow and bone.
  10. Hey Archie that’s how I write toooo!! it’s really good, very intriguing. I’m excited to see what comes next!
  11. Fear me, ageless fool. Fear me, mindless immortal. Fear me, uncaring Nomad. Fear me. Fear my emotions. Fear my lack of logic. Fear us. Fear our Choice. We choose.
  12. A fun little all dialogue death scene because I wanted to describe home and didn’t have the energy for a poem.
  13. Hi! Um. Um. Um. I've been thinking about making one of these for a while. I don't know where it'll go, but...well, we'll see what happens. So, uh...here are a few little scenes I've written. These were kind of a fun little thing I did where I was trying to describe a scene or a feeling without creating any specific characters. So...here you go! 1. 2. 3. Well...there you go! These are just something random I did while I was bored. I'll put more stuff here as it comes into existence. If you give me a prompt, I will gladly use it as soon as I get a chance! (Though I will warn you, my brain tends to connect odd things and go in bizarre directions). Constructive criticism and any feedback you have is always welcome! Thanks! Bye! *runs*
  14. Duuuuuude

    driving on the freeway in a jeep without a roof.

    hair is E V E R Y W H E R E

    blaring music so loud I feel it in my bones

    i am a vibeeee

    actually I feel like the beginning of a really bad romance movie but same difference.

    1. The Aspiring Archivist
    2. Lotus Blossom

      Lotus Blossom

      i wish this could be my summer 24/7 tbh

      it sounds so fun!! especially on a hot summer night with friends :]

    3. Edema Ruh

      Edema Ruh

      It’d be a lot better if it was with friends and it wasn’t like 80 degrees outside and it didn’t smell like cows lol but it was fun 

  15. Runaeld grew bitter and angry.
  16. Ok well it’s been a while since I’ve really written a lot. I’ve been super busy and don’t have enough inspiration. If someone has a prompt or anything for me to write, I’d appreciate it! In the meantime, here’s a super short little thing I did that has no home but exists because it does. Enjoy! Traitors:
  17. Bonnie and Clyde, right? Just a corpse and me. $5 an hour for flying dead bodies, I have to climb over their faces just to get to my seat!
  18. Riyu stepped onto the hovercraft, somewhat dazed. There was too much to take in. It was overwhelming, he wanted to shut it out, and yet he couldn’t stop staring.
  19. Hee hee let’s talk about bikes and the last two days of my life. (Sorry in advance, I have a hunch this’ll be long).

    So. I’ve been at a stake youth camp for the last few days. It was really, really good. My soul feels…healed, full, complete. Anyway I left late last night so that I could get home in time for biking this morning. Normally I would’ve been ok to miss, but this is a ride we do every year and it’s one of my absolute favorites. It’s at one of the bigger trail systems we ride at, there are probably 20 or 30 different trails just snaking around this mountain. Some are a few miles long, some aren’t even one, but basically we spend 4 hours biking around on the trails. It’s a party. We have a big home base set up by this little lake thing. There’s a tent and food and loud music, all the fun stuff. So we really only ride for like half the time. It’s part intense, part fun. You can be struggling not to die on the trail one second and the next be eating a cupcake, surrounded by people. 

    Basically, food, friends, and bikes. Everything you need for life. My legs are cut and bruised and bloody, I’m sore and tired and sweaty, but I feel alive. My mind is clear and I feel…well I feel ready for the future, which is such a remarkable and unfamiliar feeling it’s almost laughable. 

    Here’s a picture of my leg, I pulled off a bandaid and the skin is such a different color I think it’s really funny. I’m not sure if it’s dirt or a tan and I’m kind of scared to find out.




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    2. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      BIKES!!!!!!!!!! :D

    3. Edema Ruh

      Edema Ruh

      Yes Alphy I do have legs believe it or not

    4. TheAlpha929


      I wasn’t sure 

  21. Hello?
  22. I’m disappearing for another couple days (this is how all summer’s gonna go), but first, some fun facts about Utah!!

    1. Mountains. There are mountains EVERYWHERE. Big ones. Pretty ones. Google them. Even after seeing them every day for years and years on end you never get used to them.

    2. Fry sauce. So. Much. Fry sauce. There’s a place by my house that sells gallons of fry sauce. And people buy them. And then come back for more.

    3. Sagebrush.

    4. Roads - we have them.

    5. Cows - we have more of them.

    6. Sagebrush - we have ALL of it.

    7. Most places are closed on Sunday. Kids walk home from school alone. Swearing is uncommon, except at schools, ironically. It’s kinda funny, especially since most people here are very devout or very against anything religious.

    8. Soda shops. We are so. Storming. Addicted. To. Soda. Every single city in Utah has soda shops. Even tiny towns that you won’t find on maps have 5 or 6 soda shops. 

    9. Sluffing means skipping class. Apparently no one else knows this so I have to tell you.

    10. Cross country mountain biking (XC MTB) is the equivalent of football. But harder and cooler. 

    11. Lots of awesome authors are from/live here. Like, a lot. It’s kind of amazing, actually. 

    this has been fun facts about Utah with Eddie.

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    2. Edema Ruh

      Edema Ruh

      That’s so sad. I think everyone should have a chance to visit utah, if not live here.

    3. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm

      I visit a lot, though. I consider myself at least partially Utahan. (Utahan? Utahn? What?)

      I miss mountains.

    4. Edema Ruh

      Edema Ruh

      I visited Minnesota once and it was so flat and I almost had an emotional breakdown because there weren’t mountains on every side. I don’t know how I’d survive without my mountains.

  23. “Which of my children do I give up?” @Being of Cacophony‘s teacher
  24. “Finally,” Eceline said, though it came out as more of a squeak.
  25. May I join your business agreement, assist you in some way?