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  1. Why would Telrao tell us what the implications are?
  2. Hooray!! Isn't it amazing? Oh yes, the waiting for the bus in the rain song is one of my favorites. Also uh peoples...I have a couple friends who are in the 170's, and they have no concept of keeping things secret, so spoiler about Carlos and Cecil if anyone wants it.
  3. Definitely isn't after midnight in my time zone *wins*
  4. How do you attain social skills? (actually this is a legitimate question)
  5. Ooh, those are super cute, I love them! Good job!
  6. Welcome! Fair warning, much of this place (particularly the community forums) is absolute chaos.
  7. Why would Anyone be personified?
  8. *begs all the Australians to just NOT GET ON THE SHARD FOR GOODNESS SAKE* *smiles sweetly* *wins*
  9. TPAM literally beats me on TLPW every. single. scudding. day. because of annoying time zones
  10. Sure let's try this, we just say something that's accurate about the person above us? TPAM is a hat.
  11. Yeah, we had a reservation waaaaayy in advance because there were about 70 youth on that trip. Eeks, good luck Morningtide!
  12. Oh I love Nauvoo! I went last year, the temple there is beautiful. It's my favorite of the ones I've been to. Enjoy!
  13. Yooo we live by the LD bible here This is so fun I literally love this.
  14. Me! My soul is hungry, I'm super hyped.