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  1. I'm asking you to be my right hand man.
  2. Rayvyn blinks. "That is called a nickname! I have never had one before!" She goes over to a cupboard and pulls out a stack of plates. "Are these bowls?"
  3. Rayvyn shakes her head. “Such strange people,” she murmurs.”
  4. Ruined City of ???: Central Prism “You had—nevermind.” Rue glares at the ground. “Someday, Asha’man, I will find something particularly suitable to do to you. But in the meantime…” She begins preparing the link.
  5. Ruined City of ???: Central Prism Rue glowered. "No, I do not. Is there no other way?"
  6. Ruined city of ???: Central Prism Rue gave him a flat look. "I won't die helping an Asha'man." She turned to Nameless. "So? Are we doing this?"
  7. Every second you're alive, every second you're alive
  8. Yeah, I've never been in a production where we had enough guys. Okay I once played Odysseus so this made me so happy.
  9. Ruined city of ???: Central Prism Rue’s expression immediately darkened, but she nodded reluctantly. “It makes sense.”
  10. "Really?" Rayvyn asked, slightly disappointed. "But that is so simple! It is not a worthy killing," she said decidedly.
  11. That always happens. "Oh you're a guy? Here's your part, you have like 3 solos" "You're a girl? How many years of voice and dance training have you had?
  12. OOOH THIS EXISTS! I love them all, my favorite is My Nemesis because one of my friends has called me Doofenshmirtz for the last like 6 months and so I've called her Platypus and it just makes me happy.
  13. Have any of you watched/listened to Between the Lines? It's a pretty new musical, it's been on spotify for less than a month. I overthought the first song and it made me cry.
  14. Ruined City of ???: Central Prism "You really are just like the Asha'man, aren't you?" Rue said distractedly. "If I can help rid you of your power, I will." @UnfortunatelyNamed