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  1. “I was told that this soup is food. I have never eaten it before,” Rayvyn said.
  2. Ruined city of ??? Rue groaned and followed. She began to weave the flame of Tar Valon, just in case. “Could you have been less prepared for this? Some people plan before they do these things.”
  3. Bruh. 

    I think I need to change my notification settings. 



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      She was temporarily banned, no one knows when she’ll be back.

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      She wasn't banned, smh!

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      Oh that sounds wrong, I meant by her parents. 

  4. Ruined City off ???: Outskirts Rue froze for a second as she saw the gateway, then took a breath and nodded. “Do you think we can fight them?”
  5. The caterpillar sits up curiously, then lies back down to continue its nap.
  6. Woah woah woah wait I’ve existed for that long? Cool! (Yes, I do know that I just made myself not win. It’s ok.) 386
  7. Some memes are so relatable they’re funny. Some memes are so relatable they make you cry when you ponder your existence.
  8. I’ll be sad for myself. I tend to lose many things. Sleep, sanity, socks…
  9. “Hello!” Rayvyn says. “Do you know what soup is? We are making it!”
  10. Hey, thanks for the follow!

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      I'm so flattered that you decided to do it twice :lol:


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      :PI don’t know how that happened but thank you also!

  11. It decided to take a nap in the sandwich, enjoying the leafy smell.
  13. Unfortunately, Authors have great power, power that can persist even beyond the inevitable end of TLT.
  14. Rayvyn gestured at the veggies with her knife. “Is it done?”
  15. City of ???: outskirts Rue rolled her eyes. “Show off,” she muttered, hurrying to catch up. “I have experience with less than sane men, fool. But I prefer to avoid them when I can; I’m no blue, going on quests with a Warder…” she trailed off, then started laughing.