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  1. but... what about...
  2. no. I'm not cruel have you ever talked to a dog
  3. I didn't have the sandwich anymore, so I keep my sandwich.
  4. YES YOU ARE! JUST ADMIT IT!!!! "I once spent like 2 hours writing an essay about the political geography of a fake country on a fake world that I created for fun." And you say you're not a nerd? *raises skeptical eyebrow* I'm pretty sure if you're on this site, you're a nerd. Oh, and this is me
  5. But the kandra worked for Platypus. He takes the sandwich.
  6. sequence just exploded my brain. Dramaqueen only managed to be more determined to be the winner.
  7. *Insert message here*
  8. ferrel cats? I thought those were the things on stringed instruments' bows.
  9. its a very good idea actually. He's denying it! He IS a centaur!!!
  10. i don't wanna.
  11. i don't do plays, but it sounds awesome!
  12. well, one has to be sure I kinda guessed that though. EDIT: I probably should have read the post beforehand XD
  13. that is fun. Did you give them your autograph?
  14. no. you didn't. your brain is playing tricks on you.
  15. I too am curious