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  1. If needed I can also explain things and make sure things are being done right.
  2. It feels like my body hates me for being anxious. I can't sit comfortably and no matter what I do my back is in constant pain and discomfort. And I'm so tense just in general that even if I could figure out how to fix that then it doesn't really do anything. And being tense makes me really tired. And I feel bad for getting so anxious all the time but I can't stop it. And I don't know how to make it any better. So I just have to let it run its course and hope it doesn't last for too long. Also to anyone else who's been having a rough time with anything recently I send you lots and lots of hugs.
  3. Thank you! This is amazing!!!
  4. Earth: Greenland Insa stood up. "I think the more important question is what are we going to do?"
  5. Basically pretty much wherever you go there are supposed to be four seasons. But the weather is like a toddler. And we are like the guardians of said toddler and have given up on controlling it so now we just try to guess its mood and what its going to do.
  6. No I just want doughnuts. TPBM really really likes stickers.
  7. Earth: Greenland Insa frowned. "Oh. Yeah. The other people. I was just thinking that if we can't stop Emma maybe would could try and slow her down. She's headed after bindpoints and gets stuff from them that helps her. If we were to defend one of them it would at least slow her down. And not all of them collapse. The first one didn't. It was just fine. But yeah we should probably find a place for the other patients first." Insa looked over towards the people the had saved. "...Unless the want to help us..."
  8. Earth: Greenland Insa perked up. "Does anyone know where any of the other bindpoints are? @Aes Sedai @Nameless* @The Bookwyrm
  9. Earth: Greenland Insa landed very hard on the ground. Look! You're safe and now you can remember the things! It felt like someone poured a giant bucket filled with almost everything that had ever happened to her into her head. Bits and pieces played through her mind. Her siblings, helping her mom with dinner, training with her dad, talking with Saar, doing different jobs, fear of everything, arguing with her parents, moving into the camp, arguing more, them dying, spending four months trying to help people and all of them dying, being punished, running away. Where were you? What do you mean? During the camps. I couldn't talk to you. I was busy. But you made it just fine without me. Sure you have some scars and stuff but you didn't die. But I needed your help. Other people needed your help. You left me. It wasn't like that!! Whatever just be quiet for a little while. WHAT! Why? I just need some time. There was no response. Insa sat up. She saw Bookwyrm, Nameless, Rue, and Ati but she didn't feel like talking to any of them so she just stayed where she was.
  10. The Clinic: Library Insa sighed. "Right. Okay." Saar? Mmmhm? What's the best way for me to do this? I can tell you but I need you to promise you'll let me give you back what I can of your memory as soon as you're out of the clinic. Fine whatever. Great! So you don't have enough energy to make another net so you'll just have to blast any falling thingys in your way and listen to my instructions okay? Fun. Which way first? Start the way you went before but then there are some weird turns and stuff. And there might be some giant rocks. Insa took off through the library. Occasionally there were some rocks and Saar would give some directions. Okay we're here! That's just a big pile of rocks... Oh you'll just have to blow those apart. They should be behind there. Insa shot a giant lightning bolt at the pieces of wall. They broke into small pieces and flew everywhere. A couple hit her and gave her a few cuts on her face and arms. But now she could see the people. They all looked terrified. "Y'all okay?'' A couple of them nodded. "Good. I know a way out so if you'll follow me..." They all silently stood up. "Um, okay let's go." She turned and started running back down towards the wyrmhole. Saar? Why won't they say anything? You didn't say a word for like two weeks after the camps. They're just scared. Right. When they reached the wyrmhole Insa directed the people through. She almost followed them but then decided to wait for Bookwyrm. What are you doing? Why aren't you going through? I have to make sure he's okay and he gets out.
  11. Insa rolled her eyes. "I see. Taking the easy job." She walked past him further into the library. Almost immediately she was lost in the maze of books. Scud. This is not good. She stopped walking. Okay. It's fine. I can do this and get the people. Even though the building is falling apart and we're still in it and I don't really know where I am or where they are... Oh girl please. You'll be fine. Keep walking you'll find them. Sure the building is falling but you have a way out. Just keeping going. Insa started to walk again. You seem familiar. Of course I do! I helped you with all the magic stuff on the jobs you did before. And I'm the reason you have it in the first place. Remember? Turn here. Saar? Insa turned. I'm sorry but that's all I remember at the moment. She kept walking a little further before she saw two people huddled into a corner. I could fix that. Not now. Once we're out of here okay? "Hey, um... I've got a way out of the clinic. If you follow me I'll show you." As she spoke the walls around them started to fall. "But I think we might need to leave like now." Use the sparks the keep the walls up. LIke a net. Insa shot a small net of sparks towards the wall in front of her. It hit the ground a foot in front of the wall and it expanded to cover all of that wall and continued to expand all the the walls turning corners and creating a path, blocking wrong turns and keeping falling bits of wall from falling in the path. You really do know what you're doing. Of course I do. Now follow the sparks. They'll stretch all the way back. Insa grabbed the hands of the people she found. "We have to go." She took off down the hallway, pulling them behind her. When they reached the lobby she pointed them to the portal. "Go through there. You'll be safe there." She turned to Bookwyrm. "What can I do to make this go faster? Cause if you haven't noticed this place is kind of falling apart." @The Bookwyrm
  12. Mm... maybe the not jury people should present evidence and then the jury people can make a PM or something where they can deliberate in private without outside influence.
  13. Who all is in the jury again?
  14. I'm confused.
  15. I'm just here because I want to be. Whether or not he is a witch is yet to be determined.