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  1. I believe so, thouhg there are almost certainly less important bind points that only work for 1-3 metals.
  2. I believe that durilium and necrosil both increase tapping speed without compressing the stored attribute. I believe there was a WoB about necrobursting someone tapping an attribute. I wonder what would happen if you necrobursted a filling person - do they fill at 100% rate, or insta fill (5k%ish), killing themselves? I was more referring to how you handle the math of reverse compounding AP strength, and less about how it effects the mussels. It is a good question to ask Brandon - can you tap and fill the same attribute at once, and if you have a magical source of said attribute, can you stack it by tapping and filling? One plot point could have to do with him visiting a necroburst to burst his pewter and fill a metalmind with it - so that by the inverse nature of decreasing returns, as he taps it slower than he filled it it will last longer.
  3. @Tglassy, I would personally suggest going the shardblade vs chese route for stopping a bullet- the mussels don't stop the bullet from peircing, but the mussels provide resistence as you clench them, and resistance while puncturing the mussels themself. This still has consequences (friction and broken mussels, as well as infection), but doesn't kill you. Aditionally, AFAIK we don't have confirmation on how damaged FP mussels work when you stop tapping. Does the damage contort on to your regular body, or does it contaminate the pewtermind(s) your drawing from? As you get better with FP, and learn how to tap/store specific mussels (I would suggest this not be a resonance thing, but be like Kel and Steel/iron) can you store damaged mussels so you can seek medical aid before dealing with the consequences? One thing to consider is how storing alomantic pewter works- If you burn pewter to give you *2/3/4 strength, and fill down to *.5, then tap that, do you get the *1.5 from fuerochemistry and the *2/3/4, or is the *2/3/4 considered the new maximum, so filling down to regular .5, then tapping would get you to 1.75/1.8R3/1.875. Can you stack allomantic pewter in a pwetermind by tapping an Allomantic Pewter Mind (APM) while filling an APM and burning pewter? Resonance Ideas: Their bulkiness is easier to maneuver around - more so than Pewter would normally account for. Burning pewter allows tapping pewter to become denser than normal
  4. Is Women's script an alternitive English script? If not, and it is like Glyphwards, it cannot necessarily be directly translated unless there is a translation dictionary I don't know about.
  5. If that's the case, I'd be a Returned Elantrian Stormform regal with 7 spikes to be mistborn and misting (as defined in your post) using the identity trick to compound (same tinmind as before). Grab an atium spike for Dakhor manipulation. A very similar rasdium/deadblade/ettmetal/fabrial weapon to that which I had before. I have 100 breaths, and forgery. I'm a Husked, Altered, and Deepest one, with dead plate and a primer cube. Dead plate should alter to fit my changing size from FS. I should be able to forge a conection with the plate, especially with access to conection sight and malatium shadows.
  6. You are allowing oaths for squires? I thought squires was a term for 0th oath squires.
  7. I don't believe that would work. First, if the part of your soul is back in yourself, it would probably heal the edges so that removing the spike would respike you. If it doesn't (or you heal by burning a metalmind or using a medalian) I doubt that such hemalurgy would create such a Connection. Messing with sDNA is more like messing with identity, and the SA spoiler (not allowed here @Trusk'our) has to do with conection.
  8. It might be that Adolin has similar sDNA/cDNA to Mya's original radiant. After all, it's only a statistics problem.
  9. We do know they have a reason to think jadeth will come back. Likely to do with TLM.
  10. Why wouldn't it require large amounts of stormlight?
  11. Actually, FG can be stolen with pewter, so, if it works for all hybrids as such, with 3 spikes you can have all fuerochamical abilities (if you can find a 5/6-spot). Aditionally, the hybrid Fuerochemical abilities would be doubled/trippled if you took all possibilities. I would probably grab FS and FP (and take the FH with each), and grab AT, AE. If compounding E/S metals is worse than it sounds, I might grab AP instead of AE, but AED and AEC are very useful, and I assume a AEN would be very annoying for people. I would definetly like to become a AEA savant.
  12. Time dilation has confirmed to be a big part, and we know the big H is from a dawnshard. The main Time Dilation effects we know are cadmium and Sel.
  13. Also, you will iradiate yourself in. space if you don't protect yourself.
  14. There is no canon explanation right now, because BS doesn't know how long is actually between the books for Shai, but he said it is probably either time dilation or not life extending (AKA only a decade or 2 between TES and TLM).
  15. Thanks!