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    Cosmere. Specifically the applications of Hemalurgy and Feruchemy. I want to figure out how to get stormlight off Roshar and how to move around an Elantrian and Forgery.
  1. I feel like Navani and the sibling didn’t make too much sense but Maya and Adolin does. I feel like reviving a dead eye would have to fall on a shard bearer. Most radiants can touch dead eyes and typical shard bearers aren’t foreground characters. The only option that make sense is Adolin and Shallan with Maya and Testament.
  2. I love a lot of this. Definatly some truth to this
  3. Ikr. I have been waiting on a WarBreaker sequel for ever!
  4. Preservation's Investiture manifested as lerasium, mists, and the pool at the Well of Ascension. Ruin's Investiture was only manifested as atium, as far as we know. Ruin had black mists and his own perpendicularly which Aledni passes on his way to the well. Also it is said that the perpendicular was placed under the pits of hathsin by Preservation hence Atium geodes
  5. Wasn’t that just for era one?
  6. A interesting theory. Atium spikes steal any power but it would also need to be refined very much. What would the other metal be? And do we know if Shashara even knew about scadrial and Atium?
  7. Amazing argument. I love this one alot. you explain the power of other systems and give a good argument on how it is and I agree. Awakening is currently the best but it could change and fall behind.
  8. Okay when I say most powerful I wasn't clear. I apologize on the part. What i mean what is the best magic system to complete tasks or allows opportunity to complete tasks. Killing someone, getting somewhere, making something. What's the average. of these criteria what one fits them the most. Someone said Awakening is the best average. Im starting to be convinced of this what do you guys think?
  9. Hey I’m going to be a mistborn too!
  10. Hmm idk if Hemalurgy was involved. I don’t think that it exhibits behavior on a spike but on one note spikes can be awakened… another the spike used would probably be aluminum because it steals powers which might allud to investiture. I don’t think aluminum can be awakened though…
  11. Im pretty sure the reason Atium wasnt burnable by normal people was because in Era one it was an Atium alloy.
  12. Where not ruling about Allomancy Feruchemy, and surgbinding. They deserve to be in the disccusion.
  13. Exactly. And this is why I like Hemalurgy. It grants compounding.
  14. IK this is old but " Is it possible that Ruin was directly involved in the creation of nightblood which is why nightblood turned black upon its creation? It's command is "destroy evil" and destruction is exactly ruin" Yes it was confirmed that Nightblood has Ruins investitiure and is connected to him. Although we dont know if he was directly involved or if the command "Destroy Evil" Connected him to ruin.
  15. We have close to no knowledge about the Old Yolish arts so lets rule them out for this conversation.