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  1. Did you try animal pit fighting? Always works. ...That was the most beautiful yet disgusting thing I have ever heard.
  2. I can't even buy myself a good chair The person below me gets nervous when nothing's wrong.
  3. Taco truck! The smell is irresistible. You forget that the sandwich probably tastes better, and leave the sandwich on the ground for later.
  4. Yeah that makes much more sense, thanks!
  5. It only works on you. I want another sandwich.
  6. Progress is slow, keep getting gibberish words (even more than usual) If anyone has a higher quality image than the wiki has that would help a ton, I'm working on the 1,375 × 2,048 file. Also, if this is just Tyn's communication thing and not some deep secret, I am going to go insane.
  7. Charge people to see it. What would you do if you found a NASA supercomputer in your pocket?
  8. I found this giant vat of strawberry jam. Eurgh, why is it yellow? Who would do that?
  9. You can now do whatever you set your mind on. You are bound to a chair on Mars. I wish for a better understanding of psychology.
  10. Ding ding ding ding! What's that noise? Why, it's the sack of bells I'm throwing at you! Nerdy falls unconscious, and I take off with the sandwich before the reactor blows up.
  11. I blind Gregorio with my lamp. This does not work, because Gregorio is not looking at the lamp, and never was! So I punch Gregorio in the face.
  12. I open the world folder and find the sandwich with data mining. Through unspoken means, I take the sandwich.
  13. The dog is gone! Why is the dog gone!? Oh god, that's terrible! You're promoted.
  14. Regret? TPBM took honors in high school
  15. I'll eat them if there's nothing else to shove into my mouth TPBM identifies people through their profile pics, instead of names