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  1. I sneeze. That's it.
  2. Keys looked down at himself. "I think I'm good, I don't really own anything but these clothes." Probably?
  3. Hey, just washed the dishes. Next wednesday it's your turn, aight? By the way are you the owner of this house That would probably hurt real bad, but I can't be sure
  4. GRRAHHHHH i lost the game
  5. Okay, so in the second to last sentence, you forgot the d in "...running and you can...", so that would- ...I fail to see your point.
  6. Keys raised his eyebrow. "Only slightly concerning those are experiences you all have had."
  7. "What's between Aga..." Keys decided Again is likely a terrifying place and won't ask about it. "Well, uh, I've never really traveled anywhere, so I'm open to whatever."
  8. oh The fall kicks me back to reality, and I yell in shock. Everyone momentarily loses focus because that is something i can do.
  9. Keys knocked on the door. "Pretty cool. You can make fancy magic stuff just like that?" Keys wiggled his fingers as if to do something.
  10. Keys held up his hands. "I told you not to look in it. But yeah, that's fair."
  11. "I'd just throw everything into the pot and hope it comes out okay. Though I guess it didn't work that way with my food."
  12. I bring a physically bottomless basket of garlic breadsticks. All is well in the world.
  13. Keys shrugged. "Yeah, why not. Not like I have much else to do. What's your world like, anyways?"
  14. Granted. The lid is suspended upwards, and may drop at any time. I wish for the ability to draw hands