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  1. "That's the part I'm working on, I know the general neighborhood were it was lost, but no exact locations, so we'll have to do some searching. There's also a chance someone will have taken it before we find it, stamps can be really valuable. However I'm hoping that its nondescript enough that it will have just gotten ignored." Whist didn't share just how valuable the stamp collection was. Not because she didn't trust them but because Larsik had directly told her not to. "No, the distance between Caerlon and the island we're on is pretty small, there's a ferry we can take. But the city will be on the other side of the island, so we will have to do some traveling."
  2. "Of course you can join! This kind of job is easier with a team, so the more the merrier," Whist said, pleased. "We're looking a stamp collection." She said. Whist gestured for her companions to sit, as this would take a while to explain. "I work for a man named Larsik, he's the governor of Shak Tu, an island south of here. On one of his business trips, he misplaced the stamp collection and has sent me to find it for him, as he's too busy to find it himself. Its been about a fortnight since he lost it. I'm fairly sure its in the city of Caerlon, which is on the next island over. Where exactly it is in the city will be harder to determine I'm afraid." She shuffled through the papers on the table, and pointed out Caerlon on the map.
  3. "Nice! I'm afraid I don't have much knowledge of swords, but we might meet someone who does!" "That is correct!" Whist said, turning to study the newcomer. She had never seen anything like them, the diversity of people in Orteo continued to amaze her. "My companions and I are looking for a lost item that belongs to an old friend of mine."
  4. ". . .There will be food! and who knows, it could be fun!" @Ookla the Nerdy
  5. "Great!" Whist was happy she wouldn't have to continue her journey alone. "What about you two?" she asked, turning to the other girls "want to come with?" She smiled broadly as if to say It'll be fuuun!! @InfiniteInsanity @Ookla the Pencil Taxi
  6. "I guess so, I'm trying to figure where it might have wound up, seeing as he isn't quite sure when or where on his trip he lost it." she said. "Making a list of the possible places it could be is the best way to start I think." "Oh hey! what if you came with me? I could certainly use someone with your skillset, and who knows, you might start to figure out the who-am-I thing on the way!"
  7. "Unfortunately it doesn't, though it would be way cooler if it did! Its just an album full of stamps, you know--the kind you mail stuff with, the collection belongs to a friend of mine and he misplaced it on a recent trip of his, so he sent me to go find it for him."
  8. "I," Whist said with a smile, "am searching for a lost stamp collection."
  9. "Oh, I'm sorry. Sleeping during the day has always been hard for me too," Whist replied. She began digging through a small stack of papers, finding a specific document. Comparing it to a map on the table, she began to scribble down notes in a journal.
  10. "Good morning!" Whist said as she saw the 3 girls approach her, completely forgetting that it was mid-afternoon. "How did you all sleep?"
  11. Whist was the first to get up, despite her exhaustion she hadn't slept much. It was hard for her to sleep during the day, she couldn't stand missing out on sunlight. It was a Star Mage thing. She quickly climbed down the stairs to the inns common room. After nodding to the Innkeeper who was still at the counter, she located an empty table. The inn was much busier now that it was the afternoon, and bubble of conversation hung over the room. After digging around in her bag, she pulled out some maps as well as a couple other documents and spread them out across the table. She sighed, it was time to get back to work.
  12. From the album Stormlight Archive Fan Works

    I was to lazy to add colors but whatever I actually really like ivory even though I've read like 2 chapters with him in it
  13. Can someone please explain "Ookla Season" I'm new here and I have no idea what's going on ^^;

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