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  1. 15 hours ago, Szeth's Facepalm said:

    Madds kept playing till the first verse and chorus were over. "Hey, that was pretty good! You have a great voice."

    "Thanks," He replied, feeling his nervousness melt away. 


    oh all those songs were out in 2010 lol. eighth wonder was released in 2009 and then re-released as part of spirit phone in 2016, but it was def around. idk why i said nevermind lol


    ah, well, The More You Know 



  2. 1 minute ago, Morningtide said:

    Thanks :P

    Oh congrats! I hope you get to go somewhere cool! unless you'd rather not. Then I hope you get somewhere boring lol

    Oh my goodness yes. I live in Idaho, not Utah, but it snowed every day last week and there is about 2 feet of snow outside right now. LAST WEEK WAS SPRING BREAK. WHY IS IT SNOWING?!?!? I do like snow tho so I'm not too mad. Just a bit confused

    Oh I'm super mad

    I used to think snow was fine but not anymore 

    Its gone to far


    I'm glad you're not too upset though, it's good to be positive :P



  3. On 3/25/2023 at 1:12 PM, shortcake said:

    awh i cant choose, they're all so good!

    i have a few favorites, though. although, i cant really explain why i like some of them so much, because i honestly dont really know lol

    the first song that i heard by them that i immediately fell in love with was House of Gold

    My current favorites by them are: Not Today, Migraine, Screen, Car Radio, Goner, Message Man, and Smithereens.




    Guys, she ("she" is me, i just say that as a joke sometimes, idk why) made art!

    sorry, the lighting is bad > <



    This is adorable!! I love your art style, its so fun!

    (also your pfp is amazing)


  4. Quote

    *frantically looks up what ukulele-able songs were popular in 2010*

    *frantically looks up what lemon demon songs were out in 2010*

    *uhhh uhhh uhhh*



    Madds is a time traveler confirmed


    1 hour ago, Szeth's Facepalm said:

    "... Somewhere Over the Rainbow. And, uh, Eighth Wonder. By Lemon Demon. ooo, I also know some John Denver-" 

    Madds burst into a speedy rendition of the country roads chorus.

    "But really i can play most songs if i know the tune."


    "Okay . . . lets see . . ." He mumbled, frantically remembering lyrics.

    "Somewhere, over the rainbow,

    Way up high, 

    There's a land that I heard of,

    Once in a Lullaby . . ."

    August really liked singing, but he hoped he wasn't to bad. His mom said his voice was nice but she's a bit biased.




  5. 12 minutes ago, Szeth's Facepalm said:

    I drew my Gravity Falls rp character, Maddox!

      Hide contents


    I did a super different eye style than usual, and it turned out pretty well, i think :D I didn't leave myself enough room on the page to draw their shoes tho ;-; and the legs looked really weird so i cut them off. Also, this is my first time inking one in since january. I did it to go for a more cartoon-y style (cause, ya know, gravity falls is a cartoon lol) and i like it a lot.

    ahaha sorry for all the commentary

    tagging Madds's rp mom and rp roomate: @Zephrun’s Imperium @Justice_Magician

    This is awesome!! Its how I imagined them as well, so thats cool!

    Now I kinda want to draw my character . . .  :P


  6. Quote

    ahhhaHAHAHahahhaHAhahahaha sorry sorry i forgot ab this sorry ;-;

    haha its okay, I'm not super active on the weekends so I didn't even really notice . . .

    53 minutes ago, Szeth's Facepalm said:

    "Yeah, my mom announced when we got off the bus. It's ok though, it's not that important. Anyway....." Madds grabbed their uke. "Do you know any songs?"

    August kicked of his shoes and settled on his bed. "Hmm . . . probably but knowing them and being able to remember them after a long bus ride are different things," he replied. 

    "How about the other way round, what songs do you know?"


  7. On 3/24/2023 at 8:19 PM, The Wandering Wizard said:


    I think that's the right time period. Might even be a bit too early :P


    On 3/25/2023 at 8:21 AM, Aes Sedai said:

    That’s awesome!! 

    I’ve always said it Maras-ee, but do what you want :D

    Thank you!! you're all so kind :D

    43 minutes ago, Szeth's Facepalm said:

    So prettyyyyyyyyyyyyy :o Marasi's my favorite W&W character (maybe after Rannette, idk.) 

    Audiobook dude said "Maras-ee", but i think you can pronounce it how you want. That's the fun about fictional characters, they're not going to jump out of the pages/screen/podcast player/other type of media and scream "YOU'RE PRONOUNCING MY NAME WRONG!!!"

    lol that is true, and I think even if Marasi could pop out of my book, she would be extremely polite about it :P


  8. Today I actually have some finished art!

    I'm almost finished with Alloy of Law, so I drew Marasi! I'm pretty happy with how it looks, but I did use a reference so that's probably why.

    (Also how on earth do you pronounce Marasi? I thought it was like Maras-aye, but then my friend said it like Maras-ee, so now I have no idea)



    Here's the reference I used (I found it on Pinterest, and it gave no information so I have no idea what its from/ who it is)



    I should also say I have 0 knowledge about guns, so it might be the wrong kind/ time period for her . . .


  9. On 3/21/2023 at 11:57 AM, stikk said:

    I have been a fan of the books for years, but new to this forum.  Have a bit of fan art I would like to share, but I think I have to introduce myself first.  

    Welcome!! I'm super excited to see your art! 

    Who's your favorite character?


  10. 9 minutes ago, Szeth's Facepalm said:

    "10:30. Well, we were supposed to get here around four, but with the tire and everything..." Madds glanced at their red digital watch. "Yep, it's nine o'clock. Huh. The chaperones said they'd be around soon to give us a rundown of the schedule tomorrow, and then i think i'll collapse. Sitting in that bus seat was exhausting."

    Madds moved their stuff to the ground and stretched out on the bed. "Hey, these mattresses are comfy!"

    "Oooh okay" He said, sitting down on his own bed, "I probably should have listened when they told us all this stuff."


  11. 13 minutes ago, Szeth's Facepalm said:

    "Uhh, dude, you're telling me you've never had a chipacker?? The cracker that tastes like a chip? You've gotta try these." Madds shook the box enthusiastically in August's direction

    "No I haven't," He said, setting down his teacup and moving over to Madds to grab a chipacker. It tasted good, a nice ranch flavor. 

    "Huh, better then I thought." August admitted.

    "Do you know what time it is? I think its lights out at 10."


  12. On 3/24/2023 at 11:22 AM, Tani said:

    "If we go in after dark, is there anyone else who could create a diversion?" Lenne looks around at the others.

    "I spos I kd do smth_ wth portls 2 ms wth th krrj, lik stel_ a hors or trp_ t or mak_ a hol 4 th krrj 2 gt stk n. Im nt zr hw hlpfl tht wd B."

    @NerdyAarakocra @Shallan Stormblessed @InfiniteInsanity

    The soldiers began settling down as they spoke. Many started putting up a very large and obnoxious pink tent that Grace was probably going to stay in. Muriel directed their work, sending some to get wood for a fire, and others to start making some kind of soup for dinner. The guards watching them settled down on the ground, and causally started whispering, but Whist couldn't make out what they were saying. The guards eyes never left them.


    There are horses pulling the carriage, right? It's been so long I don't remember sorry


     Around 30 armored men walked beside a large, fanciful carriage. It was painted bright pink and flaunted small crystals danging from it on gold chains. It seemed stupid, to Whist, as the crystals could easily be stolen. Then again, the carriage's passenger was obviously rich enough to replace them frequently. The carriage was pulled by two, magnificent white horses; it looked like something straight out of a children's story book.

    I went and found the description: so yeah, horses- Muriel also has her own horse



  13. 1 hour ago, Szeth's Facepalm said:

    "I don't mind swimming as long as the water isn't cold." 

    Madds eyed August's oj teapot suspiciously. Why have oj when you could have a nice cup of rooibus? Oh well. To each their own. Madds pulled a box of chipackers from their backpack (zesty ranch flavor, of course) and started munching. "I'm starving. I can't eat on busses or I get sick. Want any chipackers?"

    ". . . are they any good?" he asked glancing curiously at the box.



  14. On 3/21/2023 at 5:50 AM, Tani said:

    Lenne leaned over to whisper to Whist. "I can make it right under our feet, big enough for all of us, and take us probably a couple streets away. You street smart folk will have to get us out from there. Pick an alley as we pass it, and I'll wait a couple streets and drop us right into it. We can be gone before anyone blinks."


    On 3/21/2023 at 3:34 PM, NerdyAarakocra said:

    "Seems like a plan. We'll need a diversion, though. Something to send them in the wrong direction."

    "I could make an illusion or possibly a fire of some sort, but that requires sunlight, if Grace decides to enter the city before dawn I wouldn't be able to do it."


  15. 1 hour ago, Szeth's Facepalm said:

    "Or maybe this place has a vampire infestation..."

    Madds shrugged the backpack off onto one of the beds. The bedspread was a slightly unpleasant shade of pea green, but there were no roaches in sight. And there was even a tv! Madds stepped over and switched it on. There was a man with big ears advertising a vacuum with the phrase "It sucks more than anything!"

    Madds switched it back off. They didn't really need a vacuum.

    They plopped onto the bed and started mindlessly strumming their uke. "Sooo.... What do you think's gonna be on the itinerary, August? Augustus? Auggie? Gus?"

    August narrowed his eyes at the use of "Gus." Madds seemed like a nice person though, so he ignored it. 

    "I think we're going to the lake tomorrow," he said, flopping down on his own, very green, bed. He dug around in his bag, and then pulled out a tea pot. He set this gently on the bedside table. Then he got out a teacup and saucer, and poured himself a cup. It was orange juice, not tea. What kind of a person would choose tea over orange juice?

    "I hope they don't make us swim," he said, "I'm not very good at it."



  16. 11 hours ago, Szeth's Facepalm said:

    "Alrighty-o!" Madds hopped off after August. They were content with the arrangement; he seemed not insufferable. And they needed to set their backpack down. They had to wear it in front because of the ukulele slung over their shoulder. Madds was a master packer/crammer. They'd fit everything for the trip into the backpack. Which meant it felt like a billion rocks. "Room five is designated cool kids room now! Let's go. Is it just me, or does this hallway smell like garlic?"

    "Oh no, it totally smells like garlic in here," August said as he unlocked the door to the room and pulled his suitcase inside.

    Other then a small, suspicious stain on the ceiling in one corner, it looked fine-- and completely roach free.

    "Maybe they were making pizza?" he guessed.


  17. Quote

    do u wanna room together

    Since we're interacting n stuff lol



    August glanced at the list Carrie was holding.

    "Looks like we're together Madds," He said pulling his suitcase through the lobby towards the hallway, "Room 5 I think."

    The hallway smelled kinda weird, but he ignored it as he looked for a door with a 5 on it.