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  1. "I suppose that could be it, perhaps we're simply thinking to hard" Whist said. She was starting to get tired from a full day of walking, and had to pull more energy from the sun. Speaking of the sun, it was starting to sink in the sky. Grace would have to stop sometime soon, her soldiers would need to rest. "If we're going to make an escape plan, we have to make it now," she suggested, "I could use my Star Magic to make some sort of illusory distraction, but that will only work while the sun is up," Whist glanced at the sky again, there wasn't much time left for that idea. @NerdyAarakocra @InfiniteInsanity @Tani
  2. I'm not a musical person, so I probably couldn't help you with lyrics, but it would be fun to have Kelsier sing a really flashy over the top song about smiling and being optimistic or something (if we're focusing on the final empire), maybe it would be near the beginning when he's trying to encourage Vin? He could have a more solemn, melancholic reprise during/ right before his duel with the inquisitor near the end of the book. Going with that maybe the lyrics could also mention hope and then tie into his famous "I am Hope" line. The theme of hope, and optimism is a big one in Mistborn era 1, and it could connect really well with your idea for the main song being about trust.
  3. Huh 

    I took the knights radiant quiz and got Truthwatcher, which does make sense, but I guessguess I thought I was a Lightweaver, mostly because I'm an artist.

    Then again, my art probably wouldn't work very well with lightweaving (it's very stylized), so maybe I am a truthwatcher?  

    It just goes to show you stuff

  4. yep

    its snowing again


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    2. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm

      It's supposed to snow where I am tomorrow.

      I think.

    3. Cinnamon


      I wish it snowed where I lived! But if it did, I'd probably say I wish it didn't :P 

    4. Justice_Magician


      You're all so positive about it, it makes me really happy :D

      we have like 2 ish feet of snow on the ground right now though, and it just keeps piling higher (Most of the piles made by snow plows are taller than me!) 

      I guess I'm just very a little sick of it :P


  5. Welcome to the Shard!! Do you have any other favorite fantasy books besides Sanderson?
  6. Hey

    Welcome!! What is your fav cosmere series?
  7. "That could be it . . ." Whist mused, "But if they were drunk on authority, I think they would be a little less timid." @InfiniteInsanity @NerdyAarakocra @Shallan Stormblessed
  8. I would recommend anything by Diana Wynne Jones, I haven't read all of her stuff but shes one of my favorite fantasy writers. Her books are usually more lighthearted, but they're not specifically for children. They do tend to be a little calmer though, there's not a lot of huge battles and I don't think you'll find the "character who can nuke a whole field," I love her writing because a lot of her stories tend to stay away from common fantasy tropes and cliches, her ideas are really original and entertaining. (also I know her books are on amazon because that's where I got mine ) Recommendations: Howls Moving Castle: Romance, really amazing female protagonist, interesting world building (has an anime movie based off of it that's equally as good), but it doesn't have a lot of fighting or battles. Castle in the Air & House of Many Ways: Sequels to HMC, but you could probably read them without reading the 1st one because they focus on other characters. These both have a bit more action than HMC but it's still not a lot. Chrestomanci Chronicles: this is a series of books she did, each book focusing on a different character, some of them being prequels to others (like narnia). I would compare them to harry potter a little bit, but don't read too deeply into that. Really interesting magic system and world building, with well written characters. Shes written alot more than that, but thats what I have read.
  9. My copy of Alloy of Law finally came in the mail!!

    I'm really excited about it :D

    even though I can't read till I finish RoW

    1. Cinnamon


      Do you mean the lost metal? because you can read AoL before RoW. unless you mean that you dont want to start multiple books at once then ignore this :P


    2. Justice_Magician


      yeah I just don't want to read multiple books at once, thats all

      (Im already reading 3 rn including RoW)


      I may have started alloy of law last night anyway


      I was too excited








    3. Cinnamon


      Ha, that’s the most relatable thing I’ve heard all week!


      I’m definitely not reading five books at the moment three of which are Sanderson 


      I totally am that was a lie:ph34r:






  10. "I'll admit I have heard of her before making this trip, I guess I just didn't realize she'd be so severe," Whist said, "I've dealt with self intitled rich people in the past, so I assumed that's all she'd be, clearly I was wrong." "There is certainly something off about her . . . is it possible all shes doing is threatening them?" Whist asked.
  11. "I'm . . . I'm not sure," Whist admitted, "She could have us stop around dinner time to make up for missing the midday break . . . but I dunno, this is Grace we're talking about."
  12. Happy birthday Haly!! Thanks for being so welcoming and friendly to me in my first days here. I didn't get to know you for very long, but I'm glad I could know you, even for a little time. The Shard won't be the same without you, Here's to hoping you'll make it back someday
  13. soooo after procrastinating for literal weeks I'm finally putting my foot down and making an art thread. Why? idk because no guarantees that I'll add to this regularly or be consistent at all, but I think it could be fun so here we are aaaaaanyway some recent doodles: ^ this one is a sketch of Leshwi I did a while ago that looks okay (in hindsight her neck is probably way too long but whatever) ^ These are just some random drawings I did at school of some OC's of mine that I thought looked pretty good also I would like to apologize for how big the pictures are, I'm working on a solution for that
  14. thank you! I know right? I really love their dynamic, they work really well together
  15. It is literally blizzarding so hard right now you can barely see past the other side of the street

    holy crap 

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    2. Shining Silhouette

      Shining Silhouette


      stay safe, friend o7

    3. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      Stay safe and warm!

    4. Justice_Magician


      thanks ^^ honestly this winter has been so wild

      (thankfully it has calmed down now and it shouldn't snow again till next week ^_^)


  16. Hi Hello Good morning its been like a month . . . but I'm back! Here's a "sketch" of Hoid and Jasnah [mild blood warning] Its from that one RoW scene-- you know the one [edit: I literally just realized I forgot her crown/circlet but thats okay]
  17. "Right," Whist said. They continued on along the path for a while, still not stopping. The sun began to fall in the sky, evening was coming. The soldiers armor clinked as they walked and obviously they weren't very pleased about the non-stop travel. It was easy to understand, half plate was heavy and it was a warm evening. A few grumbled as they walked but they mostly stayed silent, like they were scared of Grace hearing even though she was in the carriage. Muriel rode on behind them, emotionless and stiff.
  18. Whist glanced at Muriel, she had assumed that they were far enough away, but MeSaan was probably right. It had been a long time since she had done this sort of thing. "Right," she said, lowering her voice after moving back a little, "What do you suggest we do?"
  19. "We're not planning to escape right now, I think we're just throwing some ideas around," Whist said, "We have the rest of today and then tomorrow morning before we reach Caerlon, so we should use that time to plan."
  20. Whist glanced between Fiadh and Lenne, "Well we should probably coordinate these ideas . . . If it helps at all I can make rudimentary illusions, but they might not be advanced enough to work in an open place like this."
  21. "Okay, what do you think we should do?" Whist asked. @NerdyAarakocra @Tani @Shallan Stormblessed @InfinteInsanity
  22. I'll be honest my brain just kinda stumbles through it and says something like "Kayoelcity"
  23. You always make Syl look so magical!
  24.  things are getting pretty wild where I live rn, its kinda crazy

    so on sunday, we got like a full foot of snow, which is unfortunate but not that bad,

    but yesterday, the HIGHEST temperature was -1 degrees, and it got so low (-24) that they delayed school because there was risk of frostbite (yikes), we had to use a broom to push all the snow of off our car that morning (which I find funny for some reason idk it was a weird experience)

    today, it's still really cold, and on top of that the power went out for a while all over the area (not at my school though so I still had to go). It went out at around 9:30 a.m., and I have no idea if it's come back on yet. 

    It's currently 0 degrees, which is better than yesterday so hopefully this is the tail end of it 

    haha I really don't like winter :D

    1. Szeth's Facepalm

      Szeth's Facepalm

      yeeks.... we've gotten exactly (0) inches of snow since winter started. and we're not even in a warm place, at all. so can't relate. but good luck! I hope you stay warm n safe!!

    2. Justice_Magician
  25. Me: *wakes up*

    Me: *gets out of bed*

    Me: *looks around*

    Me: "wow these graphics are terrible"


    Me: "oh wait I wear glasses"

    1. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      You need a graphics card to run Earth.exe

    2. Justice_Magician