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  1. Demoux isn’t part of the original crew, he only really got involved after Kelsier’s death.
  2. Marsh was extremely close to death in the book. Despite him being heavily invested he was running out of Atium. As such he could only tap it slowly making it hard for him to maintain a strong and young body. I do not think he would have been of significantly more help than he was.
  3. I think she could have been, she has a great understanding of both preservation and ruin as you said. I actually think she would have had an easier time of it than Sazed did, but Sazed had to be the one to take up the shards in the end as only he had the knowledge required to fix the world before everyone died.
  4. I love the design of the blade! Looks real cool with those patterns.
  5. 110% Kelsier, His optimism was always something I was really fond of and secret history I feel added a lot to his character. Though I am also quite fond of Shallan from stormlight.
  6. As far as I’m aware, I have read everything there is, I’m unsure if I may have missed a novella or two.
  7. I don’t really have a favorite book but my favorite series is by far the Mistborn Era 1 books. I just love the way Allomancy and Feruchemy work, though I enjoy all of the cosmere. (Obviously)
  8. And hello to any Singers / Listeners out there, I don’t wanna discriminate against our friends from Roshar.