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  1. You see two young elves, and an air genasi, two of which are going into the basement.
  2. Why one language than three, to express annoyance?
  3. You are able to tell there is some talk about a rat infestation in the basement.
  4. You may.
  5. A bit of chaos is going on behind the counter as a few people are going down a ladder.
  6. Sure. So you would be checking in with the innkeeper for a quest or two, or a chat about this or that. You would not know about the new innkeeper yet.
  7. My current mental state:

    Every day it is harder to wake up, harder to move, harder to remain civil. Every day I feel like less of myself, less of a person. 

    Beyond that I am mostly fine.

    1. Aes Sedai

      Aes Sedai

      I know that feeling. Every day gets a little worse, and seems a little less worth it. 

    2. The last Fae in the Woods

      The last Fae in the Woods

      Except every reason I give myself losses meaning. Every time I try to change it up to make something worth it it gets worse.

  8. Would that even do anything, or do you mean if they died in the night?
  9. Would you be in the inn at the time of going down into the basement? Samarin I believe you are going down, is this correct? Shale you feel the ladder shake not too violently, but something large definitely pushed it. What do you do?
  10. I nearly did that. I tried asking but it wasn't direct. Also are you?
  11. Skills yeah... a bit... fun Thanks
  12. Whoops...
  13. You did the right things BUT you have 33 unspent skill points.
  14. Oh same here.
  15. I can't exactly walk you through but there are some tricks to it. 1. Class 2. Race (Does include suggested class) 3. Stats (4d6 drop lowest) 4. Class Features Check out the SRD: