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  1. TAAron spoke up. "Didn't he mention something about going rigid? And... Saying things?" Lerac nodded. "Right."
  2. "What's wrong?" Lerac asked. Clinic: Infirmary Malum growled. "Well, you aren't doing all that much right now. Go on, then. I'm at your mercy." How voice dripped with contempt. @Ranryu
  3. "Good thing I was here for this. Depending on how things go, I might be dead in a couple minutes or hours." It finished healing. "How do you feel?"
  4. Gingerly, Lerac placed his hand on the wound. A sense of pleasant warmth flooded Corey, and it began healing immediately. Lerac shuddered. "That's a rough injury."
  5. Lerac blocked his way. "Probably best if you don't go in there. You need healing?"
  6. "I'm sure we'll do our best. But yes, we are having some trouble, as you can see by the skeletons." They were scattered throughout the hallways, and TAAron took them down heedless of the many wounds he received. By the time they arrived at the infirmary, he didn't look like he should be able to walk. At TAAron's prompting, Lerac came out. "Woah. You're not in the best shape."
  7. TAAron began walking to the infirmary. "So what's your story?"
  8. "I'm no healer... Let's go to the infirmary. I know a life magician."
  9. Clinic: Calano's Office "You all plan. I hear... something." TAAron took off towards the cries. Clinic: Lobby TAAron inhaled sharply upon seeing Corey. "What happened? Who are you?"
  10. "I mean, it is foolish that you intend to destroy me, or 'break' me. I doubt you are capable."
  11. Malum hissed. "This is foolish."
  12. "Break? Break how?"
  13. "What's that doing?" Lerac asked. Malum backed away from the edge of the circle with suspicion.
  14. "I don't have it on me. Maybe I dropped it at some point."
  15. Again Malum grunted, but did not seem very affected. "You at least need to tell me once we're done with him."