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  1. Can we talk about that blur that Marasi saw? It's so interesting to me who this party is. Not with the police but presumably not with the Set either, unless there's little honor among thieves in this organization. This is the description: Do we think they are a Southener because of the mask (not all southeners are Malwish) or something ese entirely?
  2. I thought that too! But I think it's more likely it's just Trell talking since the voice is different. And it would be interesting to see if the unmade could leave Roshar. Could be cool in order to have more magical interactions
  3. But the Path isn't about worshipping Harmony himself. He is their God and creator but their religion is about simply trying to do more than good. It stipulates that subjects should seek "their" path, it does not hold that they should do Harmony's will. I'm atheist too btw, but I don't think anyone should be driven in a certain direction in bad ways, I especially refer to Paalm. That was some messed up stuff, I think. Harmony talks about noninterventionism often on why he can't solve every problem, and yet, he torture's this man in a way that is directly in conflict with the main tenants of his own theology (that he created). And his nudges are a bit more than nudges I'd say.
  4. In general I do think Autonomy need be involved, the theme of Era 2 in general has been about self-volition. Bloody Tan's comments always ring in my head. The mention of "someone else moves us" is a really great quote indicating ideas of why we do what we do and also how Wax's life has been manipulated by Harmony without his consent. Is it ok for Harmony to essentially groom Wax into being his sword? Who will Wax side with in the end?
  5. Interesting that it's an 'or'. Either in ash or by the hands of the men of red and gold. I believe that in a WoB Brandon said that one of Odium's next moves would have been to betray Autonomy. But right now Odium's forces are the listeners and fused which I would not call "men" exactly. I'm not sure how much can change in the (less than a decade) timing from end of SA 5 to this book to have powerful men under Taravodium. It very much seems to be Autonomy, Odium or both involved and I cannot wait
  6. Ok so we have learned a good bit more with these chapters. The chapters themselves seem very short but at least that makes things feel quick. Hoid is back to being a carriage rider for Wax which leads me to the inevitable question: Does he know? Has Hoid made himself known to Wax or is his appearance vastly different from when he was a beggar in BoM. But maybe there's a chance it's not even Hoid an maybe it just became a name that people use now. Who knows but I hope Hoid is more active because he's a really cool as a character when he is part of the plot. Love him as Wit. The next thing that really interested me was Trellium. It seems to work a bit like Compounding (and is clearly what Tensin did at the ends of BoM) but less powerful since Miles would heal way faster. So maybe Trellium has some amplification components? Interested to hear your thoughts here. The prophecy is some scary stuff but I think it's more likely the ash would come from WMDs than Ashmounts or anything since in BoM we had this teased already. The next really nice stuff I appreciated was Wax and Max and it really made me ask a question if Max was an allomancer/ferring/twinborn as well. We still don't know how snapping works now. Maybe we'll see it through Max? But I think it would be fun, especially loved him being a bit of a little Wayne. And feel free to talk about anything else. Especially, what did you enjoy the most? What are you most interested in?
  7. I would assume so. Given that evanotypes are photographs. Therefore a play seems like the extension. We also know that it's been enough time for Wax and Steris to have two kids and the tech for slideshows existed at the time before they had children
  8. I'm liking the additions to combat. The stakes seem to be up right from the start which I enjoy. Marasi/Wayne are a really cool combo
  9. Really I didn't know that is that a WoB or what? I always assumed that colors referred to the kind of "light" the investiture produced
  10. These alomancy grenades are suuuper cool. They add a whole different dimension to abilities but there's a few edge cases where I'm kind of unsure as to what the result would be, like tin and pewter? they'd just make everyone inside be tineye's and pewterarms for duration? this is probably a headache which Brandon is trying to figure out atm (unless he already had to sit down and really think about it). But what's interesting about these grenades is how they erase Intent (or maybe it would be more accurate to say Command) because anyone can use them and they work on general not specific things. I also wanted to add if these things could be done for things outside the metallic arts but I find it difficult again because of lack of Intent or Command. Unless you can also store certain Intents or Commands like a Lightweaver illusion or a gravitational pull in all directions.
  11. 3 and 4 are out! I can't use links but you can use the Tor's website link and click on the thingy