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  1. Testing what this does

  2. Here are two Era Two misquotes to hype us up for the Lost Metal Release!
  3. YKYASFW You exclaim “Storms!” at your tree falling down in a rainstorm and your family responds with “Yes, yes they are.”
  4. The Kholin chapters are one of the reasons that WoR is my favorite Sanderson book. I’ve loved reading your reactions, and you are in for a ride with book two!!
  5. Welcome!
  6. Alright so thinking of fan casting ideas and here we go Voice of Nightblood : Alex Hirsch Thats all I’ve got. Just imagine the Bill Cipher chaotic energy implanted into the oblivious toddler that is Nightblood.
  7. This is the username Microsoft gave me for my Minecraft account when I was around 13 years old… so I’ve chosen to standardize it. Nothing special, but going by “Cash” everywhere is easy. (and yes I did avoid the dreaded double post a few times)
  8. A few memes to announce that I exist on the Shard spoiler for Mistborn: TFE is in the second box
  9. Yeah! Lots of experience with piano and I also sing.
  10. In terms of world building: WoR in terms of comedy: Bands of Mourning Most comedic Sanderson book ever: The skyward novellas. The tanyix are the first characters that have made me laugh out loud in a book in a long time
  11. Hello all! Been a longtime lurker on the site, and have gotten much entertainment from watching all of you discuss theories. Finally decided to join the Shard! Became a Sanderson fan in Covid right before RoW, and have since read the stormlight archive 3 times. Looking forward to actually participating here now!