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  1. K, I recently reread Sixth of Dusk, and I've got some new ideas on what other aviars could do. As it's been previously said, most of their abilities seem to be cognitive or spiritual, so I'm operating on the assumption that all talents are like this (this assumption, as well as all my predictions, are probably going to be wrong but if you take enough blind stabs eventually you'll hit something). Also, the two abilities we've seen are similar to other abilities we see in allomancy. They operate slightly differently but I believe this could imply that other abilities from other magic systems could give us ideas of other aviar talents so I've gone through and compiled a short list of which powers I think aviars could potentially have. Likely powers (talents based on what we saw in the short story) Seeking- this has already been pointed out but many predators have the ability to sense their prey so maybe an aviar could do this too. Maybe they could even take it a step further and read people's mind? Or I could see a Sanderson twist where they can sense the main emotion someone is feeling. Telepathy- If the mice have the ability to speak to Dusk then I'm sure some aviars can too. Maybe they could even extend this talent to their companions and allow them to communicate with others telepathically. Also, allomancer Jak met a bird who can talk apparently? Maybe that's another point of evidence for this ability. Other potential powers based on feruchemy and allomancy Copper- Feruchemists have the ability to store and retrieve memories. What if an aviar could do this as well? I think it'd be useful to have a bird who could scout ahead and literally show you what they saw. Then maybe their companion could do the same and show other people their memories. Rioting and soothing- Maybe aviars could influence emotions? It seems similar enough to their mental abilities. Luck- nothing much to say about this; I just feel like it'd be cool. Wakefulness- I was going through the feruchemy powers and suddenly had the idea of an owl that allowed its companion to go without sleep for longer periods of time. I think it'd be funny. Deconfirmed powers Tin- While it wasn't outright deconfirmed Dusk thought it unlikely that Vathi was able to hear the stream from so far away when she found his camp. This implies that there isn't an aviar that improves its companion's senses or at the very least it wasn't known at the time.