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  1. That skull tho—wow!
  2. Thank you for these wonderful pearls of wisdom o wise senior
  3. Math wrath gaffe purdath
  4. Haly: “No problem. See you around.” Grabs a blank book from a bookshelf and a quill from a jar and starts scribbling in it
  5. EYYO! Nice to see you Rabbit!
  6. General menial genial millennial
  7. A mermaid watches them from behind some coral, but unlike most myths say, she’s completely covered in scales (violet with shimmers of lighter colors mostly) If this is okay
  8. Haly: “I dunno. Probably down one of the halls. Hmmmm… you could find a map. There’s a map outside the library.”
  9. Haly: “Uh oh. Did you leave it… hang on.” Falls backward through the floor and comes back with it, then digs around and finds a vial and hands it to him “Why do you have tiny crabs in your bag?” Shakes one off a finger
  10. Haly: “Scud! Are you okay?” Drags him over to a beanbag “What can I do?”
  11. Yeah, a little. Don’t do it a lot tho. Do you like cheese?
  12. That’s okay. I don’t have discord. Thanks though!
  13. Haly falls backward through the floor and they both sink through it and around to the floor of the library Haly brushes off her skirt for no need at all “That was fun. Thanks for coming.”