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  1. What’s the most important step a man can take?

    Reading And Finding Out.

    1. SlugInTub


      Shard: creates investiture system.

      Hoid: Why thank you, another one for my collection.

  2. Prof banner made by yours truly, using the app called Fluid. Really crazy.

  3. I just feel as if it would clutter the fandom but locking it would be a good course of action.
  4. WHAT? This is an outrage! (PS I just joined 2 days ago I didn’t know that, I will refrain from offering them)
  5. Yes yes, welcome to the Fellowship would you like this delicious cookie?
  6. Thanks for following me!

  7. That’s for the help! This is great advice!
  8. Thanks for the info, I have read all of his works except warbreaker mostly. But I do appreciate the warning. Also how do you delete posts? Im new and am starting to see that this would be useful.
  9. Welcome! I was introduced to the Cosmere by The Stormlight Archive and it’s interesting to find someone who was introduced by Mistborn. I’m looking forward to further discussion! *happy grub noise*
  10. I read elantris and Emp soul a few times but never really got into the lore. I bet this is a problem the fandom could solve. I would ask of you an overview of the solar system and magic systems, and more details if I ask. Thanks.
  11. I do in fact, play a little piano although I’m not that good. I do enjoy listening to music though.
  12. I’m stuck between feruchemy and Surgebindings mostly.
  13. Friend: How many times have you read that series? Me: You know, I never even though to count.
  14. Ello fellow fans, tis I, your new fellow in the fellowship of Brandon’s fellows.