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  1. Hear ye, hear ye. All theatre kids unite! This is a club for all theatre kids, everyone is welcome but if you’re a theatre kid you are more welcome. Talk about dramatic stuff, life, shows you are in, shows you have been in, shows you wish you were in, musical recommendations, anything really. Just be weird (shouldn’t be to hard). If this already exists, I’m terribly sorry. Members:
  2. If you believe yourself to be a theatre kid, you can say you are one. We aren't snobs here, we wont be like "oh ho? you cant rap guns n' ships and you aren't knowledgeable about obscure theatre and shows? Pshhh you cannae be a real theatre kid then!" If you like theatre you are welcome to identify as one of us!
  3. Ocean 1658
  4. yUp, i dO! TPBM is bald
  5. Phantom! (of the Opera) "Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise."
  6. Uh uh, no way. 14 HOURS?! Not anymore! cHaNGE tHe SUbjEcT: Does anyone else here like Star Trek?
  7. ... gosh dangit! I was winning for 8 days!
  8. That bot followed me too, you can add it to your 'ignored users' in settings if its bothering you. I think it follows people to make it seem more like a real account.
  9. Last night I read Red, White and Royal Blue. The POV was a bit strange but overall it was a good quick read.
  10. “Gee, thanks!” Jay responded forgetting all his troubles for a while at the sight of food. He took a big, crunchy, bite. With juice running down his chin and a mouth full of apple flesh Jay tried to say ‘it’s an apple’ but it came out more like “oiffs am aphell!”
  11. That wasn't a challenge!
  12. TPAM is one of my shardbuddies <3
  13. Ha! Who's the douchebag now? NO ONE! THAT'S THE ANSWER!! WE'RE ALL WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!!!
  14. As the platform descended Jay thought. He thought about his hungry stomach, he thought about the Mishmash inn, he thought about this strange new place with its solid light and not-magic. Most of all, he thought about home, his Za, the trees, the lakes, that first day he'd mastered flight. When he'd left he had never thought he would want to go back there again but now... well hindsight was a powerful tool. What he'd once thought of as commonplace and drab was beautiful. He was homesick and hungry, the worst combination, well maybe not, but it sure felt like it. The only thing that could take his mind off his feeling would probably be an epic battle with a dragon-like creature of some sort. That was unlikely though... That's when he heard the grumbling roar. "Hey, what was that?" He asked, tugging on Glena's sleeve @NerdyAarakocra
  15. The plot thickens... I hope Night reaches her in time :ph34r:.
  16. Speaking of shortcake, did anyone else really like the Strawberry Shortcake show when they were little?
  17. Do you wanna build a snowman? ♪vOLDeMorT, VoLdEmORt, OoOh vOLdy VoLDY, VOLDEMORT!♪
  18. ohoho! I'm not going to let either of you win for 24 hours ever again!
  19. Sooooooooooo Yknow how I saw Mary Poppins a while ago? Well my school did an excursion thing, I bought tickets and... I GOT TO SEE IT AGAIN!!!!
  20. Really -_^ ? you sure about that?
  21. I'm not a TLT person so I refuse to get the reference. Also, I win
  22. Make a vlog announcing your nefarious activity and send the link to Brando. When mid-sneeze
  23. With a little smirk Neil said "Well, I suppose we're best friends then I'm good at making everything! Especially Mac n' Cheese" @shortcake Neil sighed and put his hand up to his head and mock swooned like a damsel in distress "Alas, we often get overlooked. I'll forgive you though." he continued with a little twinkle in his hazel-green eyes "I'm originally a Kiwi but I've lived in Hawaii for the last three years of my life. What 'bout you two? @TheAlpha929