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    This is my accomplishment of which I am most proud. I am having a little dance party with myself right now!!!!!!!

    In other news I saw the Mary Poppins musical again, this time with school and it was just as awesome. I also have gotten my motivation back for music and I'm performing a song called Lullaby of Birdland at a soiree next week, I'm slowly digging my way out of my reading slump and I've started drawing again so prepare for my art thread to actually have stuff in it. 

    Now... back to the member title:


    Thank you guys so much :), and one aghain, just for good measure: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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    2. Wittles of Shinovar

      Wittles of Shinovar

      Yay! I can't wait to see more of your drawings!

      Also that is an amazing rep achievement 

    3. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      *throws rep*

      take my rep.

    4. Being of Cacophony
  2. May the 4th be with you.

    Happy Star Wars day peeps!

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    2. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      My school is having a star wars themed music show tomorrow and Friday ^_^

    3. Morningtide


      Happy Star Wars day!!

    4. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      May the fourth be with you...

  3. I’m watching Star Trek, and chilling on the shard and drinking tea. My puppy is right next to me. And I just finished all my schoolwork. 

    This is the happiest I’ve been in ages. :]

    1. Cinnamon


      … never mind reality is back ;-;

    2. Edema Ruh

      Edema Ruh

      Sorry Cinnamon. At least you had a peaceful moment!

    3. Kajsa :)

      Kajsa :)

      That's awesome!


      OKay well less awesome now that reality came back, but at least you got a breather!

  4. Actual thing that happened today.
    My former friend: *does the Vulcan salute* May the fourth be with you
    Me: *short squeal of unbridled nerdy rage*

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    2. Cinnamon


      Do you get it?

    3. Wittles of Shinovar

      Wittles of Shinovar

      That is a legitimately amazing joke XD

    4. Cinnamon


      Thanks! It’s kinda hard to tell over text though… :P 

  5. HAPPY BORTHDAY!!!!!! You’re awesome and I tried to get the timezones right but this may or may not be the day before or after your birthday…

    Anyway, you’re an absolutely wonderful person and I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day! 

    1. Shining Silhouette

      Shining Silhouette

      Thank you so much!!

  6. Happy Birthday! 

  7. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! :D

    1. Argent


      It was alright, can't complain. The years are blurring together a bit :D

  8. Guys please check out this person’s blog, I just found it and wow, her cosplay costumes are sick.

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    2. Being of Cacophony

      Being of Cacophony

      I'm definitely yoinking this and being a mistborn next halloween. Maybe I'll even paint some of my pocket knives black to pretend they're obsidian

    3. Cinnamon



      She's the one who's mistcloak tutorial i used when i made mine :D


      We need to see this!

    4. Edema Ruh

      Edema Ruh

      Yes please, I want to see cool mistcloaks

  9. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo The title of Scadrian Waffle cook is no longer mine.

    In other news I made a Duolingo account and spent all day doing German. 


    Oh yeah!


    I’m number 1 on the bronze league leaderboard for German! Wooo!

    Anyone wanna be my friend? My username is Cinnamon and my pfp is of Vin

    spoilered for size




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    2. CalanoCorvus


      you followed me so i followed you!!

    3. Cash67


      NOO the waffles are gone!!!

      In other news you are now a Returned which probably means you have a Scadrian Waffle Cook (TM) to make them waffles. 

    4. Justice_Magician


      Yaaaay!! German is such a fun language, I took a year of it for school and really loved learning it

      that was a year ago though, and now I have forgotten everything

      except for apfel

  10. How was London?

    1. Shining Silhouette

      Shining Silhouette


      I'll post a SU about it soon :D

  11. This is what came up when I put “Cosmere, the musical!” Into chat GPT. :P

    I’d watch it 


    Welcome to Cosmere, the musical! The Cosmere is a fascinating and complex universe created by author Brandon Sanderson, filled with unique characters, intricate magic systems, and epic battles. In this musical, we'll explore some of the key themes and stories from the Cosmere, brought to life through song and dance.

    Act 1: The Beginning

    Our story begins with the creation of the Cosmere, a vast universe made up of countless worlds and interconnected magic systems. We see the godlike Shards of Adonalsium, each representing a different aspect of creation, as they splinter and scatter across the universe. The stage is filled with dazzling lights and special effects as we witness the birth of the Cosmere.

    Song: "A Universe Born"

    Verse 1: In the beginning, there was Adonalsium A godlike force of creation and light But then came the splintering, the shattering And the birth of a universe, shining bright

    Chorus: A universe born, with worlds untold Magic and wonder, for the brave and the bold In the Cosmere, we'll find our way Through darkness and light, we'll seize the day

    Act 2: Mistborn

    Our focus shifts to the world of Scadrial, where we meet Vin, a street urchin with a mysterious past and a powerful ability to use Allomancy, the magic of metals. We see her join forces with Kelsier, a charismatic rebel leader who seeks to overthrow the Lord Ruler, a tyrant who has ruled over Scadrial for a thousand years.

    Song: "Allomancer's Lament"

    Verse 1: In the misty streets of Luthadel A girl with secrets waits and hides But she has a power, a gift of metal And the strength to fight against the tide

    Chorus: Allomancer's lament, we dance in the night With metal and magic, we'll take on the fight Against the Lord Ruler, a thousand years strong But with our powers, we'll right the wrong

    Act 3: Stormlight Archive

    Now we travel to the world of Roshar, where we meet Kaladin, a former soldier who has been enslaved and forced to fight in brutal gladiatorial battles. He meets Shallan, a young woman with a talent for art and a hidden agenda. Together, they join forces with the Knights Radiant, an ancient order of warriors who wield powerful magic to protect the world from the forces of darkness.

    Song: "Radiant Hearts"

    Verse 1: On the stormy plains of Roshar Our heroes fight for what is right With swords and shields and Radiant magic We'll stand against the dark of night

    Chorus: Radiant hearts, with strength untold We'll fight for Roshar, we'll be bold Against the Voidbringers, we'll take a stand With our powers united, we'll save this land

    Act 4: The Cosmere Unites

    In the final act, we see the different worlds of the Cosmere come together, as characters from Mistborn, Stormlight Archive, and other books meet and work together to confront a threat to the entire universe. We see the power of the Shards of Adonalsium, and the danger of their influence when wielded by mortals.

    Song: "One Universe"

    Verse 1: The worlds of the Cosmere unite As heroes gather for the fight Against a darkness that threatens all We'll stand together, we'll never fall

    Chorus: One universe, with magic and might We'll fight for what is true and right Against the Shards, who wield great


    1. Telrao


      Hehe me too! Arg, one day we'll make one for each world, and then mash them up into a musical like 3 days long and wonderfully chaotic

      Absolute heck for the actors but FANTASTIC for us unless we're the actors HMMMM

    2. Morningtide


      Yes! I'd watch that!!! 

  12. Happy scudding birthday!! :D :DDD

    1. Justice_Magician


      Thank you!!!! 

      I was so late in seeing this im sorry

  13. Hey, are you okay? You’ve been gone for ages!

    1. Being of Cacophony

      Being of Cacophony

      yeah, just out of state for the week. didn't really have time for the Shard :P doing a tour of some of the closer states to learn more about my church's history.

    2. Cinnamon


      That’s awesome:). Glad you o know you’re okay!

  14. ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm a Scadrian Waffle Cook!! no one give me rep :P !!!

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    2. Veledsier


      Lift and Lopen would be proud!

    3. Shining Silhouette

      Shining Silhouette


      Can I have some strawberry waffles...?

    4. Cinnamon


      Of course!

      *cooking noises*

      ta da! Enjoy!

  15. Happy Palm Sunday! :D

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    2. Cinnamon


      Yup :P I time travelled

    3. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm

      Time travel isn't that hard.

      To be honest, it's hard to stop time travelling.

      Just the same constant oppressive velocity of about one second per second.

      Then again, am I moving through time, or is the slice of time that I can see at any moment just changing at a velocity of about one second per second...?

      (That was rhetoric. The answer is yes.)

    4. Veledsier


      Happy palm sunday to you as well!

  16. Your pfp actually works really well upside down. It gives it more of that cheeky Syl charm :P 

    1. S. Stormy

      S. Stormy

      That's good. I love Syl! She's just amazing. I want to see art of her making her eyes unnaturally big to make her accusing stare more impactful!

  17. What’s your banner? It’s cool

  18. Hey man,

    I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages, I just wanted to check in and see if you were doing alright :]. We miss you.


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    2. Cinnamon


      I’m glad nothing too bad is happening. :]

      You should (re)join The Fellowship main thread! We’re just about to go on an adventure to Nerdy’s steampunk world.

    3. The Aspiring Archivist

      The Aspiring Archivist

      The Etelia Research Team thread has been stuck for a long while, unfortunately. I think stuff is finally happening, but it's going slow.

    4. Cinnamon


      ping a bunch of people in the thread Man, that’s annoying.

  19. Dudes, I was gone for less than two days and when I return I have 61 notifs. There wasn’t even a crazy SU! I shudder to imagine the number when I get back from camp.

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    2. Zephrun’s Imperium

      Zephrun’s Imperium

      And that's why I use email notifs! B)

    3. Sequence


      I was gone for three and had 29, which shows that I am not as cool as you :D. I did have 300+ or something when I returned from my break in April '22 though... 

      Notifs are funny things indeed!

    4. Cinnamon


      Indeed. I woke up today to 53 .-.

  20. Not me saying “semantic satiation” over and over again until I experience it. :ph34r:

    semantic satiation 
    semantic satiation 
    semantic satiation 
    semantic satiation 
    semantic satiation 
    semantic satiation

    1. The Aspiring Archivist

      The Aspiring Archivist

      It is weird when it happens, isn't it?

    2. Cinnamon


      I know, it’s so weird!

      Huh, weird is a weird thing too. It doesn’t follow the i before e except after c rule (not that it’s much of a ‘rule’) making the word weird a weird word!

      ha! Omigoodness I typed “weird” so many times in that last sentence I got semantic satiation from it. *facepalms* It just looks like a weird strange bunch of letters now.

    3. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm

      I was unaware this one phenomenon had a name.

  21. Where did you go? Are you okay? You’ve been missing for nigh on four days!

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    2. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      Just look up Apofiss, [insert cat breed name here]

      I just used Apofiss, Bombay cat. Very cute cats they are

    3. Kajsa :)

      Kajsa :)

      I feel a bit better now. There was a seventh grader crying alone at lunch today and my friend Chara and I went over and talked to her for a bit about volleyball and choir and kittens and how cool her hair looked (she had really long dreads). I don’t know her name, but it makes me feel really, really good to know that we helped her feel a little better :) I haven’t felt this way in a very long time.

    4. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      Helping others is the best!

  22. Hehehehehehehehehehe



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    2. Morningtide


      OOOH I love him

    3. Windrunner#squire


      I sometimes think that Renarin is the best character there is.

    4. Cinnamon


      What a good thought to sometimes have!

  23. Happy birthday to ya!! :D

  24. That's an adorable pfp!