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  1. HOWWWW TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. One of my friends (let’s call them Laura) said she would read Mistborn but she reneged on that promise saying “it’s not her style”(it totally is) and “maybe sometime” and the rest of my friends flat out ignore me whenever I talk about Sanderson now! I am trying to win ‘Laura’ over by quoting funny or just plain good parts of his books, so far to no avail. How does she not understand IT IS FOR HER OWN GOOD! (Her favourite author is Sarah J. Maas so she needs saving) I shall introduce her to QUALITY LITERATURE if it is the last thing I do! please, I need your wisdom (or your friends)
  2. He took his vorpal sword in hand:
  3. beware the jubjub bird and shun Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
  4. Welcome to the shard!
  5. I made some blue Percy Jackson cookies. They are kind of turquoise/green because of the egg yolk and butter but they still taste delicious. Here is a picture
  6. YKYASW your friend tells you that the library is closed and you exclaim "Harmony's Forearms! really?, that SUCKS" and your friend goes "huh? oh wait, nevermind it is probably another Brandon -whatever it was, Sanderson?- thing"
  7. I'm in Chem at the moment and we have a prac, a test and some other assessment we should me studying for but instead I'm lurking on the shard, I have no regrets.

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    2. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      I'm a senior and I am taking it at the local community college as part of a collaboration between the community college and my school district.

    3. Cinnamon


      Is it hard?

    4. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      Not really, at least not for me. Though it is more work and we are learning at a much faster rate.

  8. Hi

    I agree his worldbuilding skills and magic systems are really cool. Purple
  9. woah, that is amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing your other stuff this month.
  10. This is amazing! this is exactly how I imagined her.
  11. Hi

    Welcome to the shard Caela! Your brother definitly has the right idea! A great starting point for reading the Cosmere (if you wanted to read it) is definitly Mistborn era 1. what is your favorite colour?
  12. I think I found Hoid in the alloy of law!

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    2. Cinnamon



      Chapter 4 “a scruffy man who looked like a beggar, dressed all in black” 

      I found it yesterday and I was like omg it’s him but I wasn’t sure but now I am fairly certain I was right.

    3. CalanoCorvus



      yeah that sounds like mah boi hoid

    4. Shining Silhouette

      Shining Silhouette

      Yes, that's him!

      Nice going :D