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  1. I’m currently reading WoA and The Watcher and Vin are fighting for the first time at Keep Hasting and I’m struggling to keep up with all the iron pulling and steel pushing and how their weights factor into this. Does any one else have this problem? Do I not understand the magic system enough?
  2. Are we meant to know that Nomad is Sigzil or is that what we discovered or figure out in the book. I just saw it online
  3. I read the synopsis so I know it takes place far in the future. Nvm
  4. Far in the future as in past book 5?
  5. Ahh okay. I’ve read up to dawnshard. Then decided to read all of the most ofcosmere before I continued onto RoW. I assumed it took place in the past since he has a different name
  6. I didn’t want to say it since some people might not know but the main character of the secret project is Nomad but we know him as ……….. Sigzil. Since this is stormlight how far do I have to be into the universe to read the first 10 chapters
  7. I’m currently reading the well of ascension and I saw a review of HOA and they talked about the ending was incredible. I have had it spoiled for me accidentally. I know they Vin gets a Shard and something to do with intent and becomes a god of sorts ( don’t clarify this if I’ve made a mistake because then more of it will be spoiled). I just want to know if I’ve ruined the trilogy for myself
  8. I finished the final empire and I’m still confused on how the Lord Ruler lived so long and was so powerful. I know he used feruchemy and allomancy and he made himself old for 3hrs every 3 days but shouldn’t all Keepers be able to do that
  9. I got Arcanum Unbounded and for the Selish System there’s The Emperor’ Soul and the Hope of Elantris. Are these both connected to Elantris ( would I have to read it ). For Mistborn Era 1: I was a bit confused on what you meant. Was the “major reveal” something you learn from Mistborn or something you would miss if you didn’t finish the trilogy before RoW.
  10. First time reading Warbreaker. I’m on the part when we learn the the GodKing takes 2 breaths a week into of 1. Didn’t they say that the Returned couldn’t increase their BioChroma. They took breath once a week to survive.
  11. Is the behind the scene stuff worth it though. Idm finishing mistborn era 1, war breaker and Eltranis but BOM is the 3rd on era 2 and I’ve never heard of sixth of the dusk. And if it isn’t really something that big then I don’t want to read 4 extra books rn.
  12. I’ve read all of the stormlight books and novellas expect RoW, The Final Empire and I’m currently reading Warbreaker. What should I read to ensure I don’t miss anything in RoW. I’ve heard I was also read Mistborn Secret History but that spoilers Mistborn Era 2.
  13. Yh RoW. Rereading OB I was making sure I didn’t misunderstand it. I thought Wit told Jasnah something other than the recreance
  14. No spoilers for ROM “We must tell the others what we learned from Wit, Ivory. Eventually, this secret must be known.”“Jasnah, no. It would be the end. Another Recreance.”
  15. No spoilers for ROM “Ten orders,” Jasnah said. “All ended in death.”“All but one,” Ivory agreed. “They lived in death instead.”