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  1. I always imagined Breeze looking like Miles Edgeworth from Ace Attorney but I've seen people's drawings of him and he looks like he's more a short bartender lookin' guy. I'm not sure if theres a a description in the books that I've missed, so what does he look like?
  2. I'm sorry man but my brain like just died reading that, no disrespect but could you explain it a little simpler (no shade)
  3. Ok, so I haven't read stormlight or know much about investiture, all I know is that it's just what the magic systems are made of. So I'm confused, what does it mean to even drain or store investiture?
  4. A - Pewter (because it's literally just improve your physical body there and then) F - Copper (i picked this because i really just wanna remember a ton of stuff it seems fun)