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  1. So basically the kandra had red eyes, and I was talking to somebody and they mentioned odium and how he and autonomy were working together. So maybe if trell is a avatar of autonomy, then could odium send fused to help trell take over scadrial? If so, it would explain red eyes and the willingness to die.
  2. would you rather

    ferechumist. They are way better and can do so much more.
  3. Shards intent Shards have a core emotion/feeling, or intent, and that affects different things they can do. But, what if that intent was separated from them or their investiture? Certainly this would confuse, disorient, and even harm the vessel mentally, but also make them vulnerable to attack. Pretend for now there is a bundle of pencils with a pen in the middle, held together by a rubber band. The rubber band is the intent, the investiture the pencils, and the vessel the pen. Removing it would scatter the pencils, making it easy to manipulate or break the pen. But let’s also imagine that the whole bundle is in a box, 1ft by 1 by 1. If the rubber band is removed, then the pencils scatter but stay in moderate control of the vessel. Now the question is, is this possible? what I am meaning is that you take away the intent, but with a little bit of investiture atttached so then it becomes a cognitive being, and the shard is now intentless.
  4. Thanks for following me!

  5. I actually have a different thought path than your guyses. I think that maybe odium stripped the investiture that honor had of its intent, making it weaker and confusing the shard, making it much easier to kill. Just a side thought. An edit: not destroy the intent, just separate it from the investiture, cause I’m pretty sure that it is impossible to destroy intent.
  6. Also, I keep noting thinks next to peoples name such as “Spren” and “steel inquisitor”. What do those mean?
  7. Basically I just joined but have read 95% of Brandon stuff. Who should I talk to to get into better forums and discussions etc.
  8. Sorry Mr. Misting. My mistake.
  9. Even if it’s not, question: is a shards investiture bonded or kept together by its intent or by the vessel, or by something else? Actually, any investiture, but specifically shards.